The 50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

50 Things Tag

Thank you to Laura at Dot Makes 4 for the 50 Things That Makes Me Happy tag. Click on the link to read her list. This is my randomly ordered list:

  1. Annabelle because she is currently making me chuckle and makes me laugh every day
  2. Heath my smiley lil dude
  3. Andy because he is a big ole goofball
  4. My mum, family and friends
  5. Blogging and vlogging
  6. The Twitter and Instagram friends I have made through blogging and vlogging
  7. Cheese
  8. Dessert
  9. Sunshine
  10. The word ‘onomatopoeia’
  11. Music
  12. The smell of Lush shower gels
  13. Happy people
  14. Eating out
  15. Coffee
  16. Coffee (Yes, it deserves two points on my list)
  17. Sleep
  18. Vanilla
  19. Home and Away
  20. My phone
  21. Holidays
  22. Cute babies
  23. Cute animals
  24. When children giggle
  25. When animals dream
  26. Heath’s face when Andy tickles him
  27. Cuddles and special cuddles
  28. The sounds of nature (birds chirping and crickets etc)
  29. A glass of wine (yes, a lot of these are food and drink related!)
  30. Cross stitch (not that I’ve had the time to do this in years!)
  31. Watching Annabelle run
  32. Curling up under a soft blanket
  33. A song that evokes a memory
  34. A smell that evokes a memory
  35. Shopping
  36. Looking at old family photos and videos
  37. Our house
  38. When Annabelle mispronounces something e.g. ‘fish finger’ (she says ‘bish binger’)
  39. When Andy hurts himself (Andy wrote that!)
  40. Heath’s baby scent
  41. Sitting in the garden
  42. My wedding rings and what they symbolise
  43. Spending my days with loved ones and friends
  44. Knowing that every one I love is healthy
  45. Sharing a good meal
  46. Kind people
  47. Handwritten letters and messages in cards
  48. Technology
  49. Going back to basics
  50. My Filofax

That was fun, thanks again Laura. I tag:

Stacey at

Kirsty at

and Amy at


4 thoughts on “The 50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

    1. Ooh, I’ll look out for your post. I’d love to read it. I was tempted to put coffee down for three points but I couldn’t think of what else to drop! Bxx

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