An Autumn Arbonne Makeup Look

My friend Liz is an Independent Consultant for Arbonne and together we filmed a YouTube video to showcase some of their products. The items we chose were perfect for an glam Autumn style and with a bit of tweaking a quick and easy everyday look.

We featured the following items in the video:

Makeup Primer
Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Buff
Creme Concealer in Light
Blusher Blossom
Eye Shadow in Snow
Eye Shadow Duo in Linen and Chocolate
Eye Pencil in Ebony
It’s A Long Story Mascara in Black Noir
Smooth Over Lipstick in Aster and Magnolia
Makeup Brush Set

Arbonne YouTube

Below is more of an everyday look.

Arbonne YouTube1

I hope you like the YouTube video. To find out more about Arbonne, please visit Liz’s Facebook page. Bx

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