Just a short post today…

As it has been a bit of a tiring day. Heath has had V and D both times all over me. It’s been really gross and now that he is in bed and Annabelle is also asleep I’m going to open up a bottle of Rioja, put my feet up and watch a Chicago PD. Does anyone else like this series? I love it! Andy thinks all the police brutality is unrealistic but whether it is or not, it makes good drama.


Anyway, I hope you are all having a lovely evening and that you have an even better weekend. I’ll leave you with this image of my little man who seems to be enjoying his Tommee Tippee of water and snack in such a ‘comfortable’ position! Bx

Santa’s Voicemail

I’m really sorry but I’m going to have to mention the C word… Christmas. It’s been spoken about a lot in our house recently as Annabelle is obsessed. Every morning she asks if it’s Christmas today or if we can put up the tree.


It makes quite a change to the 15 month old girl in this picture who really was quite unsure about the white beard and red suit! We even called Santa today and tried to speak to him. Unfortunately, he was busy sorting out Christmas presents so we had to leave him a voicemail đŸ˜‰


It makes me really excited for Christmas time this year. Normally, it is just a lovely time to spend with loved ones but there is something about the joy and happiness that children feel that is infectious. I am looking forward to decorating the tree and listening to All I Want For Christmas by the fire. A glass of Rioja and some chocolate would also make it perfect.

Are you excited for Christmas? If not, let me know your favourite time of year. Bx