Just a short post today…

As it has been a bit of a tiring day. Heath has had V and D both times all over me. It’s been really gross and now that he is in bed and Annabelle is also asleep I’m going to open up a bottle of Rioja, put my feet up and watch a Chicago PD. Does anyone else like this series? I love it! Andy thinks all the police brutality is unrealistic but whether it is or not, it makes good drama.


Anyway, I hope you are all having a lovely evening and that you have an even better weekend. I’ll leave you with this image of my little man who seems to be enjoying his Tommee Tippee of water and snack in such a ‘comfortable’ position! Bx

One thought on “Just a short post today…

  1. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable evening. I’m not one for watching TV. Prefer reading or listening to music and looking up random things on the Internet 🙂 Heath looks like he is enjoying his snack a lot and doesn’t look like he wants to go anywhere 🙂

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