Meal Planning and Shopping List

I have been off the ball with my meal inspiration and food shopping recently so I thought I would use my blog as a place to put all my planning and prep. *A bit of context before I start: I have a husband who pretty much eats anything except mushrooms. He doesn’t mind pasta but it’s not his favourite choice. I also have two children, aged 8 and 5, who are a bit ‘vanilla’ when it comes to meal ideas. They would happily eat sausages, fish fingers, pasta and pizza until the cows come home but aren’t so keen on spice and chilli. I like meals that are quick and easy with minimal equipment needed (judging from my lack of food processor and until recently lack of dishwasher).

Below is my current shopping list and initial ideas for the week. I will asterisk the items the children aren’t so keen on below but will eat.

Shopping List
Pomodorino tomatoes
Sweet potato fries
Jelly with fresh fruit (for the kids)
Wholemeal/Seeded loaf
Parmesan cheese

Meal Ideas
Peanut butter and jam on seeded toast
Granola with Greek yoghurt and berries

Nut burger wraps
Jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn
Halloumi cheese and tomato salad
Sweetcorn salsa tortilla

Bacon and pea risotto (Annabel Karmel’s recipe)
Homemade Pizza
Chicken tikka salad bowl with rice*
Macaroni/Cauliflower Cheese
Fake toad-in-the-hole (Sausage and Yorkshire puddings)

Peanut butter and apple

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