Current Dupes

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been trying to save the pennies for quite a while now. I don’t often buy clothes, accessories and make up etc. especially as I worry about the impact on the environment so as a result, the clothes in my wardrobe are getting quite tired. I decided to find some less expensive alternatives to my Wish List which I think/hope will last in terms of quality and style. I won’t add captions to reveal which is ‘Spend’ and which is ‘Save’, but I will let you know at the end.

Funnily enough, these three purse friendly items were from Mango. I discovered the brand properly this year after I saw a pair of their mom-fit jeans on the John Lewis website. I had always been aware of the brand but never bought anything as I don’t have a branch local to me. Since lockdown, I have been more willing to try new brands and online shopping in general. I seriously love these jeans, wear them all the time and so glad I decided to try them out.

Gingham seems to be everywhere at the moment and I love one that I saw at Hush. The only problem is that it was a bit too pricey. As much as I love the style, I don’t think I would wear it enough to justify spending £69 on it!

I have been obsessed with these Birkenstock Boston sandals for months now however, at £90, I couldn’t stomach the price tag. I saw these dupes and my hubby says he actually prefers the cheaper pair even though there is not much in it.

So could you guess which of the pairs were wallet friendly or wallet foe? I can reveal that all the Mango dupes are on the LEFT! Leave a comment below to let me know your favourites. Bx

Christmas Party Nails – Blogmas Day 11

Yesterday was my work Christmas party and I tried Maybelline nail varnish for the first time. I’m not quite sure how I haven’t tried their range until now cos I have been missing out. It. Is. Amazing!

maybelline nails

I haven’t worn nail varnish in about three months and I wanted something in a nude colour to match my lips. I got the shade ‘301 Love this sweater’, for every nail except my ring finger where I applied ‘232 Rose chic’. I had a similar look when I got married (see pic below).


The first layer went on perfectly, really smooth with a lovely finish. It also dried quickly too. The second layer looked bad as I was applying it and panic ran through my mind as I feared having to sort it out. Lo and behold, even though it looked like I had applied the nail varnish in the dark while wet, it dried sleek and very professional looking.

As a top coat, I used the Super Stay 3D Gel, as I got 3 for 2 on Maybelline products in Superdrug. It had a strange looking horseshoe shaped brush which kept a lot of the nail varnish on the bristles. I think this is designed to give the plumping effect.

The quality of this nail varnish is far superior to more expensive high street brands. It is chip and nick free as well and I definitely think it will continue that way for days if not a week or so. I love the colour, shade range and price point.

Have you tried any Maybelline nail varnishes and if not, what will you be using for your Christmas party look? Bx