Sudocrem Care and Protect: A Review

I’m going to say something very mumsy now. You’ll have to forgive me… I love Sudocrem. I do. I just love it. As a mum, I have tried lots of brands from lotions and potions to clothes and gadgets. Some things, I like, some I love and some I just think, ‘Well, that was a complete waste of money!’. When I was pregnant with Annabelle, my friend Becki told me that the first thing I had to buy was Sudocrem. I remember my reaction was ‘Suda-what?’ but now I wouldn’t be without it. I have four tubs! Yes, four. One in my bedroom, Annabelle’s room, the sitting room and one in my changing bag!


Luckily for me, I was recently sent the Care and Protect to review. If I’m completely honest, I was a little bit too excited to try it out!! As soon as I received the package, I changed Heath’s nappy. I was really surprised by the consistency. I expected it to be thicker and to look and feel a bit more like the antiseptic healing cream. In my head, I imagined it would dispense in the same way toothpaste does. As it was so thin, I ended up squeezing far too much out. It was, however, easy to flip open with one hand and blob on to my finger tip, which, with a wriggler like Heath is a definite plus and is much less messy than the tubs. The tube is also ideal to take out and about in my changing bag as it is lighter. Additionally, the lid on the antiseptic healing cream loosens with frequent use, so the Care and Protect has the more preferable packaging.


The Care and Protect is designed for use at every nappy change so this is the reason that it is thinner and more delicate. Unlike other creams on the market, just because it is thinner doesn’t mean it has a watery consistency. It has a good coverage and leaves a soft and clear residue which, like the antiseptic healing cream, always makes me think that it forms a protective barrier against nappy mess.

I must admit that one of the reasons I like the healing cream is because as well as smelling so nice, (the Care and Protect has a much subtler scent) it is good value for money. I’m not saying that the Care and Protect is expensive but the price can vary by over £10 per 100 grams. But honestly, I shouldn’t compare the two products so much. They are designed for different purposes and really to go hand in hand, with the Care and Protect being prevention and the antiseptic healing cream acting as a cure for nappy rash. They both work well independently and together to prevent and to cure.

I use Sudocrem on Heath a lot more than I ever needed to on Annabelle (probably as he has a healthier appetite than she did), so I will continue to use the Care and Protect after most nappy changes for the foreseeable future. However, as a mum I try not to use too many products directly on my children’s skin for long periods of time. I tend not to use it after every nappy change but mostly after number twos or when the nappy area looks slightly red and thankfully we have never had nappy rash in this household!

Overall, Sudocrem Care and Protect ticks all the right boxes. It is an ideal size for changing bags, it is fairly good value for money, and it is easy to open and dispense with one hand. Most importantly though, it is delicate for a baby’s sensitive skin but tough enough to prevent nappy rash. What more could you ask for? *I kindly given this product in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid to write this post. Click here to find out more about Sudocrem Care and Protect.

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