Heath’s 5 Month Update

My dear little Heath. Where has the last month gone? It feels like yesterday that I was writing your last update. Time is going by way too fast.

5 Months

This month has been quite tough on you. Your gums seem to really hurt. You’re chomping on everything, dribbling like anything and you don’t seem like your usual happy self. We’re not convinced that these teeth will make an appearance anytime soon but we know they are making you very uncomfortable.

You have recently discovered your tongue and seem to love sticking it out! It’s so funny to see. Another thing you have discovered is your voice, especially squealing. You’re so loud. Completely different to Annabelle. You use your voice to get attention and get progressively louder until you’ve got it. I’m really not used to this. Every day I’m learning with you. You push me, not necessarily in a bad way but personality wise you and your sister are often chalk and cheese. She was and still is completely hyper but always happy. You, however, are impatient and stubborn one minute, then happy and smiley the next. You make it so so difficult to get mad at you, even when you have wound me, your dad, your sister and your grandma up completely!

You’re also a lot more physical than Annabelle was at five months. You can roll really well from front to back and now from back to front. You’re good at sitting up but I don’t think you’ll beat Annabelle much in that department. She was sitting well at six months and although you’re almost there you just need a bit more time.

At your age, Annabelle definitely didn’t have your appetite. Everything stops for you if someone is eating and it consumes all of your interest. We have less fear with you, probably because not only have we experienced weaning with Annabelle but we have also learned from our friends’ experiences. You’re sucking on bread, rice cakes and broccoli whereas we fed a lot more puree to your sister.

At five months you:

  • Have blond hair
  • Are wearing 3-6 months clothes
  • Are in 3+ nappies
  • Tend to wake up just once a night to feed
  • Have started weaning

My little chubby cheeked boy. I love you. I love how smiley you are. I love you even when you drive me mad but most of all I love you. Every limb, every dimple and every strand of hair on your head. Love your Mummy. xxxxx

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