Throwback Thursday: A Thai Boyfriend!


My Thai Throwback Thursday is my first love. Only joking! He was only ever a family friend but ever since this moment in 1982, on a family holiday to Thailand, everyone has always teased me saying that we had to get married.

It was quite a novelty for our Thai friends and family to meet me and my dad, everyone thought he was Christopher Reeve and called him, ‘Superman’, (see picture below). It was also strange for them to experience a lot of the baby paraphernalia that was not common place in Thailand yet. Two examples are: a dummy (pacifier), which my friend is curiously becoming familiar with in the picture, much to my amusement and a buggy (stroller). My mum’s youngest brother, who was a teenager at the time, took me for a walk to the local market in the buggy. I cannot tell you how pleased he was as this attracted a lot of female attention! He walked around the market with a crowd of women following him. Thinking it was partly related to the buggy, the following day he took his nephew (my cousin), who is a month older than me, out for a walk. They were both disappointed to realise that it was the little ‘farang’ (an affectionate Thai nickname for a European person) who attracted the attention. My naughty uncle told my poor cousin that he would never take him out for a walk again as ‘no one even looked at them’.


So, do you think my dad looks like Christopher Reeve? He had a similar shade of brown hair and blue eyes but I think that’s about it. Handsome as they both are, I’m not convinced they look alike.

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