The Tale of the Black Tooth

I know it is completely superficial and just a milk tooth but I am pretty gutted that my little girl has a black tooth. Yes, it will fall out in a couple of years and the new one should be white. Yes, it is just cosmetic and functions as it should. But, yes, I am sad.

Black Tooth

In September, she fell over and bumped her tooth. I noticed it darkening and I thought I was being paranoid but the next day it was obvious to Andy and my mum. The dentist took a look and said it was pretty strong and unlikely to fall out or darken. If we are lucky, it may lighten but never be as white as it’s neighbour.

It’s quite strange in a way because I had a grey tooth as a child. It was a milk tooth and it later fell out. I was on a beach in Thailand and as I ran along, I tripped over and caught it on a stone. One of the few on the sandy shore. It may even be the same tooth as Annabelle’s! I’ll have to find some childhood photos to see.

Do you think life has a pattern that is set to repeat itself from one generation to the next? I often wonder this because the kids sometimes do things that Andy or I did as a child and it is something we have never taught them. For instance, diving on pillows they have pulled off the sofa, lining toys along an edge, dislike of mushrooms. Is this all down to genes or is there a pattern of life that we will have similar experiences to our parents?

My mum started working at eight years old. She was a seamstress in a tailor shop and used to make herself dresses with the scrap material. In turn, at ten years old, I used to spend my school holidays working in my parent’s cafe. Do you think Annabelle might start working at 12 years old? Maybe she will be the next Zoella?

Have you had a similar experiences as your parents or have your children done something that you did as a child? Would you notice Annabelle’s black tooth if I hadn’t pointed it out? Let me know. Bx

Thai Throwback Thursday: Thai Temple


I was at a Thai temple in Thailand when this photo was taken and about three-years-old, so circa 1985. I think it was the Grand Palace in Bangkok and my uncle wanted me to pose for a picture but I was afraid to be up off the ground. Those are his hands just in shot! Growing up with a Thai mother and relatives has meant that I have always been to temples and to many Buddhist ceremonies. Songkarn (Thai New Year), Loi Krathong (a festival that celebrates light, it involves making decorations which can float on the river) and Wan Dek (Children’s Day) are probably my most enjoyable as a child.


I am pictured here in the Uposotha Hall at the Thai Temple in Wimbledon. I wouldn’t say I was particularly religious but I like the idea of a higher power who looks after me, my family and friends. As I mentioned in my post about Chinese New Year, our family and friends believe that if you ask the monk in this hall for a wish, as long as it is reasonable, i.e. you don’t ask to win the lottery or to live forever, that it is usually fulfilled. I asked the monk for Andy to get a new job closer to home as his commute is currently an hour per journey. Guess what? He has been offered a new job which is 30 minutes from home! One of the suggested offerings for the monk if your wish comes true is 99 hard boiled eggs. It sounds very bizarre but apparently those are the terms!

Let me know if you like my Throwback Thursdays or if you have asked for a wish and it has come true.