Toddler Tastes… Progress Report

My New Year’s Resolution was to reintroduce food to Annabelle that she has stopped eating and to try to encourage a wider variety of flavour and texture into her day. Below is a summary of our progress throughout January:


Snack time on Day 1: A mini ploughman’s with ham, cheese, crackers, cucumber, a Petit Filous and a banana. She wouldn’t eat the banana even though she will on a normal day. She didn’t try the ham or cheese on this occasion probably as the latter was in cube pieces. She likes crackers and cucumber so she had half of one cracker and half of another (she had a cracker for each hand!), about five pieces of cucumber and the Petit Filous.

What else Annabelle has tried this month: Cold ham (she will eat it if it is in a tomato based pasta sauce), half a teaspoon Mexican taco spiced minced beef (watered down), half a children’s bowl of mixed bean and turkey casserole, one piece of tortelloni, three pieces of organic fusilli pasta in spinach and ricotta sauce, grated cheese, kale, half a large slice of white bread (fresh from the bakery)

How we have encouraged her:
By pointing out foods when Andy and I are eating them and offering them to her.
Reminded her that she has eaten ham, banana, cheese before in her pasta, pie, etc.
Asked her to try a bite and if she didn’t like it, that was OK.
Encourage her to offer it to mummy and daddy to try with a lot of positive reinforcement and praise.

Enjoying a cracker

What has helped:
Getting her involved in the preparation – puts bread in a toaster, buttering her toast, asking her to put items on a plate or pouring tap water from a beaker into a cold pan on the counter
Introduce one ‘new’ food alongside a regular cooked meal
Encourage her to try a bite of my or Andy’s meal (she refuses more often than not).


Aims for February:
Annabelle has eaten bagels, omelette, spreadable cheese, sweet potato wedges or chips, satsumas, and I would like to see if she will try them again
In December she tried mince pies and a cherry bakewell tart so I will try a Bramley apple pie
Continue to offer foods that she has refused to try, sausage, bacon, mushroom

Click here to read the post on my New Year’s Resolution.

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