New Year, New Eating Habits

New Year

Like most people, I’m not very good at setting and keeping New Year’s Resolutions. In order to change this, I have decided to focus this year’s on my daughter, Annabelle, which will indirectly affect our family too (Annabelle pictured above with my mum, Sue, having a babyccino).

I find that we get into a bit of a rut when it comes to eating in the Denny Household. Our weekday meals are reasonably healthy but always a variation of the same. Most nights, Andy and I will have a portion of meat or fish with salad or vegetables. We have little to no carbohydrates at supper. Friday is a takeaway night and Saturday or Sunday is a chance to eat out. For Annabelle, it tends to be rice, noodles, potato or pasta with meat and vegetables*. I will make her some sort of sauce, parsley for fish, tomato for pasta or a broth with rice (she doesn’t like it dry).

I think the biggest factor influencing my lack of originality throughout the day, is Annabelle’s weight. From two-weeks old, she would reject anything she didn’t like. Her biggest dislikes were meat and milk (unless it was in cereal). Her weight progressively dropped from the 50th percentile to the 9th and it remained there until her two-year review. She is now on the 25th percentile for weight but only 9th for height.

We would feed Annabelle anything she would eat, mainly fruit, vegetables and yoghurt. Since the summer,  she regularly asks for chips, baked beans, toast, apples and bananas. This is what a typical day looks like:

Breakfast: Two Weetabix with whole milk and fresh fruit (normally berries)
Late morning snack: Fromage Frais or yoghurt and one slice of brown or granary toast with strawberry jam
Lunch (after her nap): A cooked meal (see above*)
Dinner: Either the same as lunch, if I made a large quantity e.g. a cottage pie, spaghetti bolognese, stew or another cooked meal
Milk: In a glass with a straw (about 300ml) before bed at about 7.15pm


Although this is good in terms volume, I would like to Annabelle to have something different in terms of flavour and variety, especially at lunch times and to regularly have a dessert. She’s not a big fan of ice cream but enjoys sorbet (pictured above).

Here are my hopes and plans for 2014:

Encourage variety at lunchtime – to reintroduce cold finger foods, such as bread with ham, avocado, tuna, cooked chicken pieces, hummus, cheese etc to Annabelle in hopes that this will help when she starts pre-school
Try different sauces at supper – mild curries, cheese sauce e.g. macaroni cheese, creamy pasta sauces
To eat a wider range of fruit, vegetables and pulses throughout our week
To have dessert after supper – custard, crumbles, fruit pie

Click here to see if I am sticking to this resolution in My Monday Meals.

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