Grass Jelly Drinks

Grass Jelly

I’d been reminiscing about Asian drinks from my childhood with Mabel over at recently, which made me really crave Grass Jelly. I asked my mum to buy it from her local Chinese supermarket, in London for me. There is normally a brand that we buy, I think it’s called Foco, but they didn’t stock it at the shop my mum went to. Instead she bought Chin Chin’s and what caught my attention, which is the main reason I thought I would share this post with you, was that it was banana flavour. Grass Jelly drinks are quite unique tasting anyway and I thought it was made even more so with a hint of banana. Normally, there is a sweet almost honey and herbaceous taste to these beverages and a bit like bubble tea, there are little jelly pieces that sink to the bottom and you need a big straw to help you drink it.

Jelly on a spoon

What I like about this and a lot of Asian drinks is that there are bits to chew as you drink. I really like Foco’s Roasted Coconut juice as this has chopped up coconut flesh and the tapioca jelly balls in bubble tea too. I remember drinking the latter for the first time about 15 years ago on a trip to Thailand. My younger cousin, Bank, took me to Siam Square (a trendy shopping area for students) and I remember liking it so much, I desperately wanted it to be sold in the UK. It wasn’t until my cousin came over here to study at University, about five years later, that I had it again when he took me to a Chinese restaurant that sold it in Chinatown, London.

Have you tried a Grass Jelly drink before and did you like it? Let me know.


2 thoughts on “Grass Jelly Drinks

  1. I’ve never tried the Chin Chin grass jelly drink with banana before. With banana! It sounds strange but if I see it I think I will give it a go. Though I must say this grass jelly looks quite black in your glass.

    I like coconut juice too. I’ve tried a few canned ones from the Asian groceries in Melbourne city. I recently had a pure coconut juice one without coconut scraps and it was such a refreshing drink. Can’t recall the brand at the moment but I think it was from Thailand 🙂

    1. What colour is the grass jelly you have? The ones I have look like flat cola.
      I’m not sure if I’ll have the banana flavour more than once. It was nice but perhaps a bit too unique for my liking.
      Foco’s roasted coconut juice is nice and refreshing. I prefer it to their regular one.

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