Pregnancy Update: 24 weeks

Hi, how are you this week? I’m good. Not quite sure that I can believe I’ve been growing a baby for 24 weeks! Here is how I’ve been looking and feeling.

24 Weeks Side

24 Weeks

The weather feels so muggy.

24 Weeks Front

I am: at the end of week 24
I weighed: 132lbs/60kg
I’ve gained: I haven’t gained weight in three weeks. That doesn’t sound too good so I will speak to my midwife tomorrow. I have been eating what I like, when I want but maybe I’m just burning it off quickly.
I’m wearing: a Primark dress from five years ago. It has lasted this long… Bargain right?! My shorts are also non-maternity, from Warehouse but fit really comfortably below the bump.
How I’m feeling: I’m feeling ok this week. Not too uncomfortable despite the heat. I haven’t wanted to do much because I tire quickly but I do have a very active toddler to keep me on my toes so I guess I’m physically doing more throughout this pregnancy than the last. Annabelle and the thunder have woken me up in the night. She seems to take her nappy off in bed possibly as its uncomfortable and needs the toilet at about 3am. She has done this a couple of nights this week and last.
Highlight: No real highlights this week but I’m still enjoying seeing the baby wriggle around in my tummy. Whenever it moves I can often see a bump from its legs or arms. I’d forgotten how amazing that feeling is when it responds to your pokes and voice.
The baby is: About 30cm long. That’s the size of a ruler! It is still a fidget and on the go pretty much all day. I notice it most around dinner time or just after but I guess things begin to wind down then and I have a bit more time to think about it.
Food cravings: It has been a week of junk food cravings which makes me wonder why I haven’t gained any weight. I had KFC after swimming on Thursday and a Dominos Pizza last night. Other than that it has been pasta, salad and apples. I did feel quite dehydrated at the beginning of the week so I drank a lot of water and ate things that were refreshing.
Symptoms: Dry skin and bleeding gums are the two big symptoms this week. I’ve been moisturising and rubbing Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil (from my June Beauty Buys post) onto my stomach to try and keep soft and smooth. Unfortunately, it looks as though a few stretch marks are appearing. They are silvery in colour and concentrated near my belly button. Also, I really didn’t notice bleeding gums last time so I may visit my dentist for a check up to make sure everything is OK. I haven’t been since December.
My body: Feels quite big but not too bad. My hips get a bit achy if I walk a lot which definitely happened in my first pregnancy. It also can ache around my knee caps too.
Any mood swings? I’m a little bit too irritable for my liking and still restless but trying not to be a grump as it’s not very nice for those closest to me.
I’m looking forward to: Not sure this week. Maybe a bit of soft play with Belle and our buddies or something outdoorsy if the weather is good.

I hope you enjoyed reading my pregnancy update and let me know if you have one too in the comment box below. Click here to read more of my pregnancy posts. Bx

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 24 weeks

  1. Ah we are the stage gestation- I am also 24 weeks and due 9th november! You are looking truly fabulous-wish I could get away with non maternity shorts 🙂 x x x

    1. Ooh, how exciting. Congratulations.

      Thank you, you’re very kind to say so. I think they are just a great pair of shorts and way more comfortable than so many of the maternity trousers I’ve tried. xxx

  2. You look amazing! I love that dress and those shorts fit beautifully – especially considering they’re non-maternity ones. I don’t have any shorts this time around but would love a pair like that. Denim shorts officially go with everything and they look incredibly cool too. I know what you mean about burning off more energy when you have other kids to look after. Although I’m doing a couple exercise classes this time around I think I’d still be using more energy compared to when I was pregnant with Frog simply because I have her to look after this time! Thanks for linking up to #BlogBumpClub this week. x

    1. Aww you’re so sweet. Thank you.
      I love denim shorts too. I was tempted to buy a pair of maternity ones from ASOS but I thought I’d be frugal and see how long I could get away with wearing these Warehouse ones for. They are really comfortable especially compared to some maternity trousers that I bought last time around as the denim is a really good material.
      Wow, I admire your ability to do exercise classes! Can I count a toddler swimming class as exercise?? I am in the pool too and have to assist her as she does lengths 🙂 I probably should try to do some real exercise once my husband is back from Greece.
      It was my pleasure to link up to your #BlogBumpClub (it was my first ever link up!!) x

  3. Congrats on week 24! … I suffered with dental issues / bleeding gums too. Apparently you’re much more susceptible when you’re pregnant. I got a big telling off from my dentist for going so long between visits … so I’d def recommend paying them a visit!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been quite lucky with my teeth cos I’m in my early 30s, I have no fillings and my dentist says I only need to visit once a year. I was quite worried when my gums started bleeding. I will definitely take your advice and book an appointment, if anything just to get a bit of peace of mind. I am a bit worried that the whitening toothpaste I’m using might be a bit abrasive during my pregnancy so I might try Sensodyne or something he suggests til lil bubs arrives.

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