Thermomix: A Food Demonstration

On Saturday, my friend Eunie hosted a food demonstration at her house. My friend Helen and I were there to check out her new whizzy Thermomix kitchen appliance which was the main focus of the session. What a cool gadget! It blends, cooks, weighs and juices amongst so many other things.

Eunie Demonstrating

As Helen and I are both pregnant, we relished the opportunity to eat! Among the treats that the Thermomix can prepare and/or cook were freshly made bread rolls, vegetable gratin, a tomato and red pepper soup and a mixed berry sorbet.

Thermomix food

We spent two toddler and baby-free hours talking, cooking and snacking (well we couldn’t eat it all, we had to bring a little home for the husbands and children). What was apparent during this time is how much food you can make and how little washing up there is. Even the Thermomix itself is practically self-cleaning.


I must admit that at close to £900, the Thermomix is sadly out of my price range, especially with a second baby on the way, but I can definitely understand why Heston Blumenthal reportedly has nine, yes nine, in his Fat Duck restaurant. It is super handy, fuss-free and versatile enough to make everything from purée for babies to cocktails for tired parents and butter to bread dough in little to no time. Ideal for busy mums, if I had a grand to spare, I’d ditch our Babycook, bread-maker, blender, juicer, steamer and kitchen scales that currently clutter up our kitchen and replace it with a Thermomix, something which would no doubt please the hubby, he loves a tidy home.

Fancy reading Eunie’s article for Bath Mums, then click on the link or find out more about Thermomix here. And for those of you who live in Bath, Bristol or the surrounding areas, email Eunie at: to arrange a no obligation demonstration. Bx

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