Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

I am 40 weeks but have been a bit busy so apologies for the late posting of this update.

Week 39

Week 39 Side

Week 39 Front

I am: 39 weeks.
I’m wearing: A nursing top from JoJo Maman Bebe with maternity trousers from Mothercare. I wore this top in my 34 Week Pregnancy Update. The trousers were purchased three years ago during my last pregnancy but I haven’t needed to wear them a lot this time as I haven’t needed any smart, workwear. I’ve basically lived in jeans.
I weigh: 150lbs/68kg
I’ve gained: No weight gain since last week but I feel so hungry so I’m surprised I don’t weigh anymore.
How I’m feeling: Really, really tired and achey. I have all the practice symptoms of labour but no signs of baby yet. Just really random Braxton Hicks that vary in intensity throughout the day. I have a lot of cramps and lower back pain. Frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the day and night, as I’m guessing baby is poking at my bladder a lot. There isn’t much room in there as I see a lot of limbs pushing at my belly as it wriggles around.
Highlight: Andy has been off work for half term so it’s been nice to have him around. We are currently in the process of converting the second room into Annabelle’s bedroom so the baby to go in to the nursery in the New Year. The double bed has gone and we need to buy a single bed for Annabelle once Andy has finished painting.
The baby is: Well should be, about 7lbs now. It should have a good covering of fat too. Any time it would like to come out, we’re ready and waiting! Especially my auntie who is visiting from Thailand. I’m really hoping she can meet the baby before she has to go home. She’s had a great time with Annabelle and helped increase her Thai vocabulary and understanding too.
Food cravings: Still fruit and also vegetables. I’m really enjoying lime pickle, poppadoms and peshwari naan at the moment.
Symptoms: Tiredness, achey bump and lower back and lots of Braxton Hicks. I still can’t walk very far or for long periods of time and getting up the stairs takes a lot of effort but at least my hips aren’t too bad in terms of aches and pains. I’ve started to feel and look a bit more puffy meaning I’ve to take off my watch and wedding rings when I go to bed at night. I do seem to be quite warm when I sleep and tend to kick my covers off a lot and get overheated when the heating comes on in the morning.
My body: I feel huge and very unattractive. My belly looks unsightly with all the purple marks, veins and stretch marks. I’m rubbing lotions and potions in regularly in hopes that they’re not permanent.
Any mood swings? Yep. I’m so tired, uncomfortable and moody.
I’m looking forward to: Going in to labour… very, very soon!

Thank you for reading my 39 week pregnancy update and click on the link if you’d like to read more. Bx

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