Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

I am now 39 weeks but this is what happened at 38 weeks. Sorry this post is so late. I have been so tired and napped a couple of times this week as Andy has been off work and has looked after Annabelle while I slept.

38 Weeks

38 Weeks Side

38 Weeks Front

I am: 38 weeks.
I’m wearing: A maternity T-shirt from Mothercare. I bought this three years ago during my last pregnancy. My trousers are non-maternity from Hollister and I like wearing them as they’re really comfy especially around the waistband.
I weigh: 150lbs/68kg
I’ve gained: Another 2lbs/1kg since last week. I feel like I’m always hungry at the moment but I get full really quickly so it’s the case of little but often.
How I’m feeling: I’d really like baby out now. I’m having crazy dreams, finding it hard to sleep, to walk and generally uncomfortable. At least the end is in sight.
Highlight: I had a surprise baby shower this week which was really sweet. I received presents for me, Annabelle and the baby. We had lots of cake, spicy noodles and it was when a lot of our toddlers were at nursery so it was almost child-free. We could actually have a conversation without the little ones tugging on our arms and covering us in food!
The baby is: Well my bump is measuring at 39 weeks rather 38 so it is slightly over the regular size for this stage of development. Either that or I’ve eaten too much fruit and chocolate.
Food cravings: So many sweet cravings. I am eating blueberries every time I open the fridge. I’m also having apples, bananas and chocolate. Wispa biscuits are my favourite but I’m also partial to a few Fabulous Fingers.
Symptoms: Getting a decent night’s sleep is my biggest issue at the moment. I keep having dreams that I’m in labour and they are so vivid that I wake up confused as to whether I had any symptoms or not. I’m still not able to walk very far. Only an average of 3,000 steps a day.
My body: More of the same. Still big and looking unattractive with purple marks, lots of veins and stretch marks on my belly.
Any mood swings? Moody, irritable and tired. Not much fun for others.
I’m looking forward to: Not being pregnant and having the baby to cuddle.

Thank you for coming along on this pregnancy journey with me and please click on the link if you’d like to read more of my pregnancy posts! Bx

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