Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

I’m 34 weeks pregnant so I’m packing my hospital bag and getting the car seat out of the loft today.

Week 34 Side

Week 34

Week 34 Front

I am: 34 weeks pregnant.
I’m wearing: A nursing top from JoJo Maman Bebe and my trusty old Topshop maternity Leigh jeans. Not many of my clothes are fitting me anymore. Sob sob!
I weigh: 146lbs/66kg
I’ve gained: 4lbs/2kg since last week. I’ve been averaging about 1kg per week when gaining weight. I can definitely see and feel the difference in the size of my bump.
How I’m feeling: So tired. Everything seems like such an effort and I feel busier than ever with so many things I need to buy and do. I need to find a single bed and I really need to decide on a car seat for Annabelle. I know the latter is not an essential item but I would like to get her a new one so I can use her Isofix base with baby’s car seat. She currently has a Maxi-Cosi Pearl, which I love and she can realistically use for another year or so but I don’t want the faff of attaching baby’s car seat to the seat belt everyday on the nursery run when I know it can just clip into the base. I had a hard time fixing it with the seat belt when I was practising during my first pregnancy so I bought the Familyfix base and I loved how quick and simple it was to use.
Highlight: I’ve had a VBAC meeting to discuss the birth and I have an appointment with my midwife in a fortnight to talk about my plans. It’s all starting to feel so real!
The baby is: the size of a cantalope! It weighs nearly 5lbs. Annabelle was 7lbs 7oz and was 12 days overdue and there has only been 1cm difference when the midwife takes my stats so I think baby no.2 will be quite similar.
Food cravings: Water. Well it’s not really a food craving but I am constantly thirsty and crave cola and refreshing drinks. If I do crave food it it’s chocolate and desserts that I want.
Symptoms: I have a lot of Braxton Hicks and I hoped that as they were so strong it meant that baby would come early. My midwife says that it is not an indicator of when the baby will arrive and that I’m probably just more aware of them as I’ve already experienced one pregnancy.
My body: Is, well my bump is looking and feeling so large. I thought I’d be active and walk to the dentist the other day and that was a big mistake. I was half tempted to ring my mum to pick me up half way but I persevered and luckily had a few minutes to recover before being examined.
Any mood swings? Too tired for mood swings… He he he.
I’m looking forward to: Annabelle’s third birthday!

Thanks for reading and feel free to click on the link if you’d like to read more of pregnancy posts. Bx

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