Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks

40 WEEKS! Aww this will be my last pregnancy update as I’m full term and I doubt much will change in terms of symptoms etc as I continue being overdue.

I am: 40 weeks.
I weigh: 154lbs/70kg
I’ve gained: 4lbs/2kg since last week. It seems to be the trend throughout this pregnancy that I gain 2kgs every fortnight. I started at 54kg so in total I gained 16kg. I went over the recommended weight gain which is 12.5kg but that’s ok as I’m hoping that breastfeeding will help me lose the excess.
How I’m feeling: I’ll try not to focus on the negatives of the week and all the normal aches and pains. The positives are that I’m feeling grateful that we’ve got to the ‘end’ of the pregnancy with a healthy baby. I’m hoping all will go well in labour and we will be able to have a quick and short stay in hospital before we can take baby home. I’d prefer not to be induced, as I was last time but if it has to happen, then so be it.
Highlight: Andy is still off work and Annabelle’s room is starting to look really good. The horrible blue metallic paint that was left by the previous home owners is gone. Hurrah! The room looks so much brighter and cleaner now. We have chosen a really neutral coral colour that is almost magnolia but just feminine enough for a little girl and will compliment her furniture and accessories.
The baby is: Staying put for now. Guess it is taking after the Denny family and coming out late. I was two weeks early but Annabelle, Andy and his brothers all arrived after their due dates. Baby is definitely not making it very comfortable for me and the longer we wait the more I nervously anticipate the labour. I’m still having really vivid dreams about going into labour too so I seem to wake up quite confused on most mornings.
Food cravings: All the ‘F’s! Fruit and Fibre cereal, fruit and fluids. All relatively healthy cravings. I’m constantly hungry and having about 4 or 5 small meals a day. I’ll have cereal when I wake up, a bagel with cream cheese at about 11.30am and lunch at about 1pm. If I have a snack at about 4pm then I’ll have dinner at about 7pm. Otherwise I’ll just have an earlier dinner at around 6.30 and something small an hour or so before bed.
Symptoms: Moody. I’m really not a bundle of joy to be around. I feel restless, anxious and I’m trying hard to distract myself and stay calm and positive as I know I’m unlikely to go into labour if I stress. I also have a weird metallic taste in my mouth, a bit like in the first trimester when I felt really sick with hyperemesis gravidarum.
My body: Not much change here. Everyone says that I’ve got a ‘pointy’ bump as it is all concentrated at the front and there isn’t much on the sides. My last pregnancy bump was a lot more round and I think it was a lot more fat and less of the baby’s weight.
Any mood swings? Eugh! I’m a moody so and so!
I’m looking forward to: A natural and quick labour… Pretty, pretty please!

Thank you so much for reading my last pregnancy update and click on the link if you’d like to read my earlier posts. Bx

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