Christmas Crackered – Blogmas Day 8

I hate to be a bit Bah Humbug this year but the festive season is really taking it out of me! I am well and truly Christmas Crackered! (Actually, I’m probably a bit Christmas Crackers too with the emphasis on just the latter). I thought that once Annabelle had started school and then settled in, that I would have more time in the day to get things done, however, it seems like my ‘To Do List’ has actually trebled.

I was discussing this with a couple of other mums in the school playground yesterday and we agreed that it is just information overload. There is so much to do and it all comes in to our inbox, book bag etc from lots of different sources. There are overlaps and this strangely makes you feel as though you’re missing all the parts to some sort of data jigsaw! One of the mums, whose youngest son is in Annabelle’s tutor group, was telling me that although it is a lot to take in in the Reception class, Year 1 is so much easier.

Trying to remember and juggle everything is a large reason why I am exhausted. I often find that I have trouble sleeping. If you look at my FitBit stats for last night, I was restless 9 times and yet the kids slept all the way through. In the morning, I woke up not long after 6am and couldn’t for the life of me get back to sleep again.


You may be wondering why I am going on about this on my blog and it is not because I am trying to put you off parenting or to scare you about your child’s first year at school. It is amazing seeing Annabelle in her uniform and the look on people’s faces on the school run as they gaze at her cuteness. My point is more to stress that my one piece of advice for future reception class parents is to invest in a good diary, preferably week-to-view. There are always extra bits needed to buy or made for assembly, mufti days, birthday parties, school trips etc.

erin condren diary

I also think that during the lead up to Christmas, the children are not only exhausted from a long term at school but there is a lot of hype in the air that they struggle to find an emotional balance. One minute they are happy and the next they are hysterical because the crayon is not the right shade of blue. I myself, am struggling to keep a lid on my emotions. In Tesco the other day I nearly cried because I saw a box for food bank donations and I felt so grateful for everything, my family, my home and good health. Then I felt guilty as I didn’t feel that I gave enough back to others in need. WTF!

OK, I need to stop rambling now as this post is just going to be ‘meh!’ otherwise and I will leave you with a question that feels more relevant to Thanksgiving but, ‘What are you grateful for this Christmas season?’. Bx

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