What a Load of Baubles! – Blogmas Day 7

Forget Santa. Forget Rudolf and definitely forget those pesky Elves. 2016 is the year of the baubles! The bigger the better. And no, before you lot out there with dirty minds think I am being rude, I am talking about Christmas baubles that adorn the tree.


The picture above is of the gigantic bauble in town (Bath, UK). Over the last few Christmases, the tree has always been there and now it finally has a buddy. From the moment the children and I saw it, we were pretty excited. It makes town seem so much more Christmassy than in previous years and it is a lot of fun for the kids.

I also have a baubles Christmas jumper from the FMLY store. I haven’t taken a picture of myself wearing it, but I do have a screenshot from one of my more recent vlogs and you can watch my OOTD below (it starts about 5 minutes in to the vlog).


Even Annabelle is talking about them because our neighbour has the coolest cat baubles – does anyone say cool these days or am I stuck in the 90s?

We have a few different baubles on our tree in various shades of glitter, some patterned and others that are metallic. Well, I say on the tree but between Heath taking them off from the moment he gets downstairs to Annabelle and Andy moving them around every two seconds, I will be surprised if we have any left by the 25th. The glittery ones will probably look a bit patchy by then too!

Is anyone in your house/family obsessed with baubles or are we just one of those weird families? Bx

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