Not What I Wanted – Blogmas Day 9

Hello again and welcome to Blogmas Day 9. I am on a roll and pretty proud of myself for getting this far. My current record is 23 posts in a row for Blogtober which I did in 2015. For today’s post, I have uploaded a video to my YouTube channel. Crazy huh!

I know I am not the best or most popular vlogger by a mile but I do love capturing my family’s daily life. I filmed a ‘Day in the Life’ on Sunday, when we put up our Christmas tree. I find these types of vlogs the most enjoyable as I really struggle to sit in front of the camera and talk. I look unnatural and uncomfortable most of the time and I can’t really understand why anyone would want to see me talk for more than a minute but those sit down videos tend to be the most watched!

You can today’s video here:

Please let me know if you like watching my DITL videos or if you prefer a sit down one e.g. hauls, chatty updates?

On a different note, I am slowing feeling like I am getting on top of my Christmas to do list. We have one week left of school and two weeks of work. I have bought my secret Santa present and I’m attend work’s party tomorrow. It will probably be a short post tomorrow too and on Sunday I will do a Christmas Party Outfit of the Day (OOTD).

I hope you have a lovely Friday night. Let me know what you are up to and if you liked my YouTube video too. Bx

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