A Cornish Staycation

Cornwall is a perfect holiday destination for families with young children especially if, like me, you dread flying abroad with babies or toddlers. We head to the Cornish coast at least four times a year as Andy’s parents live in Newquay. Their home becomes our base for the week and we travel around depending on what events are happening at the time.

Cornwall baby

Mostly, we will take Sally, the family Labrador, for a long walk along the beach but we also like to do be tourists for a few days and visit the local attractions.

Newquay Children

Visiting a lot of the attractions can get expensive, especially when you factor in entry fees, food and travel costs but some places are quite good value for money.

Some of my favourite places to explore with children are:

  • Dairyland With a soft play area, animals and tractor rides it is ideal for little ones to burn energy whatever the weather (we tend to bring the rain with us to Cornwall!)
  • Crantock Beach We park in the National Trust car park, pop Heath in the sling and let Annabelle have a paddle in the sea
  • A lot of our activities involve walking and we enjoy walking around the Boating Lake in Newquay (pictured above) and enjoying a coffee or lunch at Lakeside Cafe. I’d highly recommend their food.
  • Before we had children, Andy and I loved popping in to Truro to waste a few hours looking around the shops. I have bought numerous cross stitch projects from there (when I had all that free time!), explored the surf shops and enjoyed a spot of lunch. Now it isn’t so easy to navigate the streets with a buggy and keep Belle close by at the same time but it is still lovely to pop in and treat the children to a meal.

I linked up for the Whatever the Weather linky. Read similar posts here.
Whatever-the-weather-both-smallWhere do you like to go if you have a staycation? Let me know in the comment box below and see what we got up to in Cornwall my vlog from the archives. Bx

12 thoughts on “A Cornish Staycation

  1. I would love to take my kiddies to Cornwall – I used to visit Bude quite a bit when I was in my late teens and thought the whole area was beautiful! #WhateverTheWeather

    1. Oh I’m sure your children will love Cornwall. There is so much to see and do and if they are anything like my children, they will have an absolutely brilliant time at the sea. x

  2. That sounds a lovely holiday! You’re lucky to have family staying in such a beautiful area of the country. Cornwall is definitely high up on my list of places to visit in the UK, aside the beautiful beaches there are so many places to visit. Dairyland sounds fun, I’m sure my boys would love it there! I remember the pre-kid days of wadering around looking at cute gift’y’ shops and relaxing coffee and cake, ha ha, long gone now, but still fun to have a quick look and then sit down somewhere for a treat. Glad you had a lovely holiday!
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    1. Thank you for giving me the chance to link up. I’ve really enjoyed it.
      Yes, I’m sure your boys will love Dairyland. Annabelle has such a great time there and on the beaches.
      I definitely miss enjoying coffee and cake without a child climbing all over me but I also wouldn’t change it for the world! x

  3. Dairyland is my favourite family day out! There is so much to do 😀 I’m glad you had a great staycation. It’s so handy that his parents live here and you can visit so often. Truro is so pretty isn’t it, although I am a local so I do often wish it was bigger like other cities, but then i’m sure it would lose it’s charm. But you’re right, it’s not great with buggies, especially when it’s busy. Newquay is so beautiful, but I haven’t been in years! Even though it’s so close, we never seem to really leave our West Cornwall bubble, we really should because I’ve never been to Crantock Beach and i’ve heard so many great things. Your video is adorable by the way! Especially the make up on the princess daddy haha and the little finger puppets singing. 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather x

    1. Thank you, lovely.
      I really enjoy visiting Cornwall but it can get so busy in the Summer months. My favourite times are over the Spring holidays but unfortunately the weather is rarely as nice.
      Crantock Beach really is beautiful. I’m sure you would love it. x

    1. Cornwall can be quite expensive at times, especially over the Summer months where everything seems to take a price hike. I would recommend visiting in Spring and camping if the weather is mild enough. Alternatively, there are some lovely B&Bs that aren’t too expensive in the off-peak months. x

  4. Cornwall really seems to be the place to go over the Summer. It looks really lovely and if it weren’t for the very long journey down there, we’d have visited by now. We will definitely have to make the effort (with a couple of stop offs) very soon #whatevertheweather

    1. I’ve definitely noticed the increase in popularity of Cornwall over the last 9 years I have been with Andy. It used to be a really popular destination for Stag Dos but because it is cheaper for most lad groups to go abroad now, it seems to have more of an appeal to families.
      The journey can be quite long but there are lots of lovely places you can visit en route so I’d recommend a road trip or you could always fly into Newquay? x

  5. It looked like you had a fun time in Cornish. The kids look preoccupied and happy 🙂 Lots of walking, isn’t that good to go out and about to stretch the legs and see the sights. I hope no one got too tired 🙂

    1. The kids tend to fall asleep in the car as we do tire them out from our long walks. They get a bit bored and restless if we don’t however! x

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