Birth Sampler Cross Stitch

Birth Sampler

Not long after I finished my Four Bears project, I began working on this Tatty Teddy Birth Sampler for my daughter, Annabelle. I love teddy bear cross stitch projects and this was my sixth to date. I have purchased another Tatty Teddy Birth Sampler which is gender neutral in case I’m lucky enough to have another child. Fingers crossed…


Four Bears Cross Stitch

Four Bears

When I have the time, I like to embark on a cross stitch project and this was my biggest to date. I purchased the kit in Truro, Cornwall, several years ago and it took me over two years to complete. Normally, a project this size would have only taken a year but my daughter was born midway through. Below are a few snaps showing the development of this work.

First Bear

The First Bear.

Bears 2

Can you tell what it is yet?

Bears 3

Getting There.