Postpartum: 2 Month Update

Two Months

Our little man is now two months old. He is such a smiley, happy boy and very vocal. He loves being talked to responding with coos and big gummy grins and he watches Annabelle with avid interest. She will often lie next to Heath and they seem to mirror each other’s body language.

I started sleep training Heath this month in order to encourage him to learn how to fall asleep without being rocked or bounced. We started this at three months with Annabelle, but have started earlier with him as I found that he wanted to be held and sleep on my chest a lot. This meant that I couldn’t get anything done during the day which was incredibly difficult with a preschooler who also needed time and attention. We haven’t cracked it one hundred per cent as we still struggle a bit, especially in the evenings where I tend to fall asleep on the bed next to him between 8.30 – 9.30pm rather than having a bit of child free time!

Heath used to cry a lot more than he does now. It was as soon as he woke up (before he even opened his eyes), during every nappy change and when he wanted to be held. Now, he will only cry if he’s feeling impatient or irritable as he is more aware of our daily routine and knows that he can squeak and coo for attention instead.

At two months Heath is:

  • Wearing 0-3 month clothes and some size 3-6.
  • He feeds every 2-4 hours.
  • He still doesn’t sleep for longer than four hours.
  • He’s losing a lot of dark newborn hair. His new hair is lighter and fluffy!
  • He absolutely loves cuddles.

We are beginning to establish a relatively flexible routine. The day will start between 6.00 and 7.30am and bedtime is about 9pm. Heath will play in the bouncer or on the play gym while I make breakfast, lunch and dinner and nap during nursery runs, but that is about the extent of it. He still feeds and sleeps when needed but it is starting to fall into a pattern, for example he usually wakes at 12 and 4am during the night.

Adjusting to life with two little ones has been easier than I imagined in some ways but harder in others. Going through a lot of the same things with both children relieves a lot of the worry and anxieties I had as a first time mum but sleep deprivation is still the absolute worst! If Heath has a good night waking at regular intervals, Annabelle might have a bad night and wake up two or three times. It’s like they are a tag team to keep us up. Also, if Heath starts crying in the day, Annabelle will go into hyper mode as it either makes her anxious or she feels as though she doesn’t have enough attention. She will jump, stomp and run around singing or shouting loudly. But those times where Heath smiles at her with such affection or when Annabelle sees that he might need a blanket or has brought up some milk and wipes it are so heartwarming that it makes up for the lack of sleep or eating all your meals when they are no longer warm.

Let me know about your experiences with a newborn and life with two or more children in the comments below and click here to read Heath’s One Month Update. You can also see what I look like Two Months Postpartum by clicking on the link. Bx

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