My Postpartum Recovery

2 Months Postpartum Side

2 Months Postpartum

2 Mnths Postpartum Side

2 Months Postpartum Front

I’ve decided to be brave and post these pictures of my postpartum body. In Heath’s One Month Update I mentioned that I weighed 132lbs/60kg which was my pre-pregnancy weight. This month I weigh 130lbs/59kg a loss of 2lbs/1kg. I think that I would have lost a bit more weight if I didn’t have to stop breastfeeding (more about that in a future post) or if I hadn’t eaten so much over Christmas, but hey, I’m not in a rush especially as I had an emergency caesarean and need to take things slowly.

Physically, I am feeling much stronger now. I can walk about a mile or two before tiring. I’m also still suffering from sleep deprivation so I’m trying not to over exert myself during the day. I guess that’s not going to change until Heath sleeps for regular blocks. A typical night he will have one or two three hour blocks and then he will wake after 1-2 hours.

As I’m not breastfeeding, I’m not eating as much as I was last month. Most days I will have Fruit and Fibre for breakfast with blueberries, a sandwich, jacket potato with cheese and beans or something Thai that my mum has cooked for lunch, and pasta, salmon with rice and vegetables or a stir-fry for dinner. I’ve not been very healthy with my snacks as I’m addicted to McVities Gold Bars and Cadbury’s Fabulous Fingers but I’m going to start eating more fruit, crudités and yoghurt now that it’s the New Year.

As you can see from the photos, I still have the linea nigra and some stretch marks. I used Bio Oil after Annabelle was born and this really helped so I’m definitely using it whenever I remember (which isn’t as often as I would like!).

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for Heath’s Two Month Update. Bx

4 thoughts on “My Postpartum Recovery

  1. Looking good Beth! Hope things continue to go well and Heath let’s you get a bit more sleep soon. You should definitely allow yourself a few treats, as we mummies need them! Wishing you and your family a happy new year!

    1. Thank you very much Kathryn. Yes you’re right, us mummies need treats especially sweet ones 😉 I must admit that I spent my Christmas money on groceries and the children instead of on myself but I will book an appointment with my favourite hairdresser as I haven’t treated myself to that for a really long time. I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and all the very best for 2015. x

  2. Glad to hear everything is well, Beth. I thought you looked great in that horizontal striped top. It’s very hard to pull off stripes in general – so easy to drown in stripes and look frumpy. Happy New Year and best wishes to you and your family. Stay healthy and stay safe 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you, Mabel. You are so sweet. I am a bit addicted to stripes but have started obsessing over spots recently too! Wishing you a very Happy 2015. I hope all your writing dreams come true x

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