I Miss You Dad

If my Dad was still with us, he would have turned 70 yesterday (I would have posted this then but I’ve been covered in baby sick for the past three nights. Heath has a cold and keeps coughing up all his milk. To make matters worse we have run out of Nespresso and I can’t function! I’m wandering around my kitchen aimlessly trying to make breakfast, putting Belle’s Weetabix in my bowl and forgeting my milk everytime I go to the fridge). But anyway…!

Dad and BelleMy Dad with Belle when she was a newborn

It makes me feel really sad knowing that my Dad will never meet Heath. He would have found so much joy in watching my children grow up. I see a lot of my Dad in Heath. They have the same smile. Belle is also like my Dad when watching television, you can’t get their attention for love nor money!

I better go and put on a load of washing… Oh the joy! I’ll also post some postpartum pictures of me when I get the chance.

I hope you can watch Smallville wherever you are Dad. I miss you very much. Bx

4 thoughts on “I Miss You Dad

  1. I am sure your dad is watching all of you from above 🙂 I hope Heath gets better soon. It must be cold over there, so rug up and stay warm. And try to get some rest! ^^’

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