My Postpartum Style: Woolovers

Having a baby in the lead up to Christmas, although incredibly exciting, has a slight downfall if, like me, you were (and still are) on a strict budget. Typically, there is always an additional expense that wasn’t accounted for and that little pot of cash that was set aside for postpartum clothes very quickly dwindles. So, like many other mums out there, all I can do is dream and create this wish list for the clothes I would like to buy from once I have paid off my credit card.

These are, what I feel would be perfect for both those transitional days where not all the weight has gone but still wearable once I am at my ideal weight and body shape.

The Jumper Dress

Woolovers Jumper Dress

Having had a c-section, this jumper dress is an absolutely essential item for me as my regular jeans are too tight and feel restrictive on my wound. Teamed with a pair of thick cotton tights and Ugg boots, I would be nice and cosy on the preschool runs and the colour is also great for hiding the baby sick!

The Waterfall Cardigan

Waterfall Cardigan

I love this grey Waterfall Cardigan because it would cover up all those lumps and bumps I am not ready to show off yet. I currently have a navy blue version but it is so old that there are holes in it and I’m desperate to replace it. What I like is that it can also be worn during pregnancy over a dress or with a pair of maternity jeans. It would also be ideal if I was still breastfeeding.

The Breton Stripe Top

Woolovers Breton Top

You may have noticed from reading my Pregnancy Updates that I’m slightly obsessed with stripy tops. This Breton Stripe Top is super cute with a splash of yellow and a loose fit around the waist to hide my love handles! On the colder days, I would wear it under a dark grey cardigan with my maternity jeans (that my mum has kindly altered around the waistband) and with a white pair of Capri pants in the Spring and Summer months.

I hope you have found this insight into my dream Woolovers postpartum wardrobe useful. Please let me know if you have any styling tips for new mums in the comments below. Bx

*This is a sponsored post. I have obtained permission to use these images from

2 thoughts on “My Postpartum Style: Woolovers

  1. These clothes actually look very decent, not frumpy at all. Dressing loosely can definitely look good especially if it’s plain and simple. Pity clothes in general are expensive, but glad you found a few select pieces that work well for you and can be worn all day 🙂

    1. Yes, it is a shame that clothes are so expensive in general. I’d really like to update my wardrobe but I shouldn’t because of cost and until my weight has settled. I’d like to tone up a bit so I don’t have to wear as many loose fitting tops! Bx

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