Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

I mentioned in my 35 week pregnancy update that I bought a second Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. It’s almost identical to Annabelle’s but the cushion we bought nearly three years ago isn’t available anymore. Belle and the baby will now have matching dining chairs! We bought the first one when Belle was three months old and I really wished I’d bought it earlier as we barely used the newborn seat. Now that we’re having our second child we will definitely get our use out of the set and we have used the Tripp Trapp itself every day at home.

Stokke Newborn Set Annabelle looking quite big in the Newborn Set

What I like most about the Newborn Set is that baby can be in the chair from birth and I can keep an eye on both children at the dinner table during meal times. It is also good because the chair adapts as the little ones get older. We used the Stokke Babyset as a second stage and now Annabelle just uses the Tripp Trapp with a cushion. This meant that when I went to purchase the high chair for the baby that I only needed to buy the chair and a cushion. I was lucky, however, that Back In Action had an offer for a free Babyset when I bought the chair and cushion, so now I have a spare (it was the same place I bought Annabelle’s chair three years ago).

Stokke BabysetIn the Stokke Babyset.

Another thing I like about the Stokke Tripp Trapp is that Annabelle has always been close to the table and there hasn’t been a tray in the way. My mum has mentioned that she doesn’t like that as it means that food can occasionally drop down the sides on to the floor but I have always had a splash mat (it’s actually a wipe clean tablecloth!) to protect our carpet. I also think that it’s going to get messy at meal times anyway and most high chairs are difficult to wipe clean or food can get stuck in the cracks. With this chair, the cushions can be wiped with a sponge or go in the washing machine if it’s particularly bad.

Before I bore you with anymore reasons why I love this high chair, I will just say that a few of my friends have had to buy a couple of high chairs and/or booster seat combinations as their children have gotten older and I know it’s probably not as much as I have spent buying two Tripp Trapps but I definitely feel that I have gotten my use out of this product. I can safely say that it is in my top 3 essential baby and toddler purchases.

My only flaw or fault would be that I get nervous anytime Annabelle climbs up and down the chair since we removed the safety harness and Babyset. We have always taught her to tell us when she wants to get down so we can supervise and be on hand to make sure she doesn’t land on her face.

I can’t wait to see my two little ones sat next to each other in their matching highchairs. Do you have a Stokke Tripp Trapp and what do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. Bx

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