Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

Only 4 weeks to my due date as I’m 36 weeks pregnant.

Week 36

Week 36 Side

Week 36 Front

I am: 36 weeks.
I’m wearing: An ASOS maternity jumper as it has been a bit chilly recently with a Warehouse (non-maternity) vest underneath. I am wearing Leigh maternity jeans in dark vintage.
I weigh: 146lbs/66kg
I’ve gained: Again, no weight gain since last week. My midwife would really like me to eat more iron and vitamin B12 as she says it will help with my recovery postpartum. I don’t have much of an appetite at the moment but I am trying really hard to eat lots of the right things.
How I’m feeling: It’s a real mixture at the moment as I’m either really tired or I’m incredibly restless. I don’t like to sit down for too long as I get a bit bored and I know I have lots of things to do but I tire so easily. Walking is really tough too as it feels like baby presses down every time I move.
Highlight: Packed my hospital bag (read that post here) and got the car seat from the loft so we are all ready to go if the lil bubs decides to come between now and the due date. I’m nearly full term so it could be any day now.
The baby is: about 6lbs and 18 inches long! Annabelle gained 1lb 7oz between now and her birth. She was 12 days overdue. As normal, baby is still moving a lot even though there is minimal room. It is most active in the evening and it kept waking me up last night.
Food cravings: Again, same as the last few weeks, it has been mostly cravings for fluids. Ice-cream seems to be a little bit of a craving and McDonalds too. I did have a bit of a craving for a curry as I’ve like the zing of a lemony Saag and lime pickle with poppadoms.
Symptoms: I had lots of Braxton Hicks on Sunday. I had three in an hour and they lasted 35-40 seconds each. I had another half a dozen throughout the afternoon but they were infrequent and did not get more intense. I’ve also had a lot of cramps, lower back pain and muscle ache. These tend to be most days but aren’t too bad if I rest.
My body: Is so uncomfortable. My stomach is not attractive, very veiny and has some horrible silvery stretch marks this time. I didn’t get any with Annabelle.
Any mood swings? No, just tired.
I’m looking forward to: Baby coming out so I can wear normal clothes that fit properly. I had to wear a mish mash of my mum’s clothes the other day as Annabelle got paint on my top and trousers. I struggled to find things in her wardrobe that fit!

Thanks for reading and please click on the link if you’d like to read more of my pregnancy posts. Bx

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