Pregnancy Update: 14 weeks

This weekend we were in Cornwall for our friends’ wedding so apologies for posting this a bit late. I’m also sorry that I look terrible in the pictures. I took them late on Sunday evening after a really long but fun weekend. I know it was a busy one too as Annabelle slept in until 10.30am on Sunday. This is the only time she has ever done this and the latest she has slept in until before then was 9am. Here’s how I was feeling at the end of 14 weeks pregnant:

I’m not feeling very pregnant as I don’t have many symptoms at the moment. You would think that that this is a good thing after all the sickness but it actually makes me really anxious and worry that any cramp or feeling of nausea means that something is wrong! This is completely irrational especially considering that I have already experienced one healthy pregnancy. I just feel the need to keep asking my friends if every little thing is normal. I do hope this stops before the baby is born as I don’t want to be an overly paranoid mother!

14 weeks pregnant

Covered bump.

14 weeks pregnant

Side bump.

14 weeks pregnant

I am: at the end of week 14
I weigh: 121lbs/ 55kg
I’ve gained: I’m the same weight as last week. This means I am still 11lbs (5kg) less than my pre-pregnancy weight (I lost 13lb/6kg as I was suffered with Hyperemesis gravidarum, which is really bad morning sickness).
I’m wearing: Still no maternity clothes! My friend is giving me her maternity clothes and she was pregnant this time last year. Her little girl was due on my birthday (at the end of October) which is my little one’s due date. She arrived a day before her due date.
How I’m feeling: I feel normal and I don’t feel pregnant. I have been told that I don’t look pregnant either so part of me wants to go shopping for the baby or feel it move just to have a bit of a connection. The problem is I don’t need to buy anything, not even clothes. I have Annabelle’s clothes if I have another girl and if it’s a boy, my friend will give me her son’s old baby clothes. I did nearly buy a fluffy bunny in JoJo Maman Bébé but my husband told me off and said I need to be patient!
Highlight:  To be honest, the whole week has been pretty good, apart from the anxiety of course! I was a bit confused though and the scan is actually this coming week, can I blame it on my baby brain? (I wrote this on time but I couldn’t take pictures or post it on Saturday).
The baby is: Definitely growing. I can feel my stomach tightening and it definitely feels much firmer. I have to be careful carrying Annabelle in some positions as it feels really uncomfortable if there is pressure placed on certain areas. This also applies when I’m sleeping too. I may have to invest in some pregnancy pillows.
Food cravings: I have been enjoying ham and salad sandwiches this week, tea and Butterkiss sweet cinema style popcorn. I bought Twinings Apple Crunch tea hoping it would cure my craving for a warm apple flavoured drink but I was really disappointed as it had a hint of spice which I still dislike at the moment. My husband said it was really nice but the spice was all I could taste. I may have to look for some apple cordial instead.
Symptoms: One of the few symptoms I feel this week is indigestion. If I don’t eat little and often then I feel ill and uncomfortable. Luckily, I’ve barely been sick and I have a lot of energy, mainly mid-morning and early afternoon. As the weather has been good, Annabelle and I have been to the park quite a few times.
My body: As I mentioned earlier, I can feel my body changing. There is a lot of stomach tightness. I feel like it is quite full. Almost as though I have eaten too much. My ribs feel like they are expanding too and I need to go and get measured as certain items of clothing are getting small. Erhem!
Any mood swings? Not much in the way of mood swings this week. Just a bit of worrying but the sun definitely makes me feel happier and lighter.
I’m looking forward to: The scan, which is 100 per cent this week!

I hope you are enjoying my pregnancy updates. Feel free to check out week 13’s bump post or my earlier pregnancy posts. Are you pregnant too? When are you due? Bx

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