Pregnancy Update: 13 weeks

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and in my second trimester… Woo hoo! The last few weeks seemed to have flown by and the sickness has eased off. If I think back to how ill I was at 8 weeks, 13 weeks seemed like a mountain’s climb away.

13 weeks pregnant

A covered bump pic to start with!

13 weeks pregnant

Annabelle was making me laugh by jumping around so apologies for the angle of the bump.

13 weeks pregnant

I am: at the end of week 13
I weigh: 121lbs/55kg
I’ve gained: I’ve gained 1kg since last week but I’m still 5kg (11lbs) less than my pre-pregnancy weight due to the Hyperemesis gravidarum.
I’m wearing: I’m still not wearing any maternity clothes as my jeans are a bit lose except after meals but I’m pleased to be gaining weight.
How I’m feeling: I feel much better this week. I’ve only been sick three times, once after dinner. I am feeling hungry a lot, especially after swimming and exercise, and I definitely have a lot more energy.
Highlight:  I am no longer taking my antiemetic tablets to prevent nausea. I went to London to see my mum and forgot to pack my pills and I was only poorly in the morning and twice on Thursday so I stopped them all together.
The baby is: Waking me up a lot. I can’t feel it moving but it is definitely hard to get comfortable or to stay cool at night. I’ve woken up at 4am a couple of times and it has taken hours to fall back to sleep. Not fun!
Food cravings: Still craving sweet and sour food, especially Hot and Sour soup. I had three portions this week! I have also been eating a lot of cheddar cheese, grapes, ice-cream and salad cream (again not all together!) With Annabelle it was a lot of cheese and sweet cravings but less ice-cream and more icy lollies and fizzy and jelly sweets.
Symptoms: I don’t feel so dehydrated as I’m able to drink a lot more without feeling queasy so I’ve had big gulps of water, tea and juice.
My body: As I mentioned last week, my belly button popped out with my first pregnancy and I thought it was starting to happen again soon but it doesn’t look that way this week.
Any mood swings? I only feel tearful when watching something slightly sad on TV. I feel irritable this week but I think that’s because I get hangry (angry when hungry) quite a lot!
I’m looking forward to: Another scan. The baby was in the wrong position for the Nuchal translucency measurements in my last scan so I have another one booked in.

I hope you enjoyed my week 13 pregnancy update and click on the link for week 12’s bump post. Please let me know if your pregnant too and due in the autumn. Bx

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 13 weeks

  1. Hi Beth hope you are doing well now. Its always good to maintain the right weight during pregnancy that is do better. Stick on to daily routines of workouts and stay healthy.

    1. Thanks. I go swimming once a week with my daughter and we go to the park whenever the weather is good. I’d like to do a bit more of a daily workout and might try pregnancy yoga.

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