Toddler Tastes: February Update

My New Year’s Resolution was to encourage Annabelle to try new foods and to eat things that she used to when she was younger but hasn’t been willing to recently. February has seen her take large steps forward in achieving this. She has been happy to chew larger chunks of meat and vegetables and to eat full meals of pasta with basil or sun-dried tomato pesto.

Mission Burrito

As we have had half-term this month, Andy and I have taken Annabelle to eat out a couple of times. Our first trip was to Mission Burrito, Bath, where she was slightly hesitant to eat the rice box I bought for her. Knowing she would be even less likely to have a wrap, I asked for rice with stewed pork and vegetables. She started with plain rice on it’s own dismissing the meat and avoiding the vegetables but as the meal progressed she had a balance of the three.

Cafe Rouge

At Cafe Rouge, Bath, we had greater success. I had an English breakfast and Annabelle had my beans and toast. She loves both of these anyway so on this occasion it wasn’t so much of an achievement in terms of variety but more that her eating habits seemed grown up in comparison to previous dining experiences. She sipped her babyccino from the cup, finished her food without fuss, asked for more and then continued to eat her ketchup with a spoon. We really try to discourage the latter but never get far!

February eating achievements: Pesto pasta, chunks of meat and vegetables, lightly spiced Mexican food, a few tastes of Chicken Tikka Biryani, toasted fruit bread
Still no luck with: Ham, eggs (scrambled or hard boiled), cheese chunks (she had melted cheese on a croissant), malt loaf, yoghurt with fruit pieces, sausage or bacon
Hopes for March: A variety of breakfast cereals – In Greece last year, we couldn’t buy Weetabix and tried Cheerios instead. She would eat it after a bit of persuading but absolutely refused to try Coco Pops. It’s funny but if it’s not chocolate but a cocoa variety of something, e.g. Bourbon biscuits, she won’t touch it. She likes vanilla and milk chocolate versions, i.e. custard creams so I wonder if she will try Rice Krispies?

Is your child a fussy eater? What techniques work in encouraging their eating habits? Please let me know your stories and click here for January’s Toddler Tastes.

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