Oh Christmas Tree – Blogmas Day 4

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, now our tree is up. We have had the same one for six years, since we moved in to our house in 2010. I think we even bought it before we got our sofas!

img_1484 Our tree (please excuse the sunshade!)

I know some people may think it is old fashioned as it has tinsel, lights and baubles but I think Andy and I like the traditional feel of it. What I especially love is the things Annabelle has made at preschool, the sentimental baubles from the days before Andy and I lived together and the things we have made together, like the gingerbread man. I also like what they represent, for example, my mum would always buy a gingerbread man from the local bakery whenever she picked her up from preschool.


We usually decorate the tree when Andy’s mum visits us in early December each year but things didn’t work out timings wise this time around. It sets the mood with Christmas songs playing in the background, candles burning and mince pies.


Some years we spend Christmas in Cornwall and we always seem to end up in the pub on Christmas Eve with the in-laws. It is lovely as Annabelle and Heath get to run around with their cousins and Andy and I have a sip of Baileys or two.

When we stay at home for Christmas, the children get to spend the day with my mum and uncle, play with their new toys and then we will have a roast dinner. We try to balance things out so we are home one year and Cornwall the next so the children can spend equal Christmas time with their grandparents.

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? What traditions do you have in your home? Bx

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