What I Want For 2017 – Blogmas Day 3 *Updated*

It is 9pm on Saturday night and I still haven’t got a blog post written. I am definitely suffering from a “writer’s block”. Well, not that you could call me a writer as my blog is the only thing that is ‘published’. So I thought I would share some of my aims for 2017 with you. I know it isn’t even Christmas yet, but I am not planning on making any New Year’s resolutions. These are just a few guides that will hopefully encourage me moving forward.

  1. To read more books. I am hoping that this will inspire me creatively. I have only read less than half a dozen books this year and before having children, I aimed for one a month minimum. I like stories where the characters are very dissimilar to me as I find it fascinating how someone can think so differently from me.
  2. To drink more water. I will often look at the clock and realise that I haven’t drunk any water all morning. This is terrible and I definitely need to stay hydrated. I feel the difference in myself when I do and it is so much better for my skin too.
  3. Think less and do more. My biggest problem as a teenager was I overthought everything. I have gotten better at just getting things done rather than worrying about it but it can get on top of me at times.

Anyway, I probably should get to bed as Annabelle and Heath have woken me up between 5 and 5.45am everyday since Wednesday. I feel like I am falling asleep in to my laptop! See you tomorrow. Bx

*I woke up this morning (4 December) feeling quite refreshed and really needed to expand this list because I felt it isn’t worth the read otherwise. Below I have continued my wish list for 2017.

4. To work on my blog and YouTube channel. I feel that I have never put the right level of energy in to either and while my family will always come first, I think I need to change my attitude towards it.

I guess I have always been a bit scared about putting myself out there. It sounds absolutely ridiculous when you think about it but in essence, I have never put my whole self or my true thoughts out there. It has always been a guarded version of me. In terms of content, aside from my postnatal depression story, I have always kept it superficial. Andy once said that I was hiding behind the camera. Since then, I made a conscious effort to change my focus. However, I felt myself reverting back to old habits so I took a break to see if vlogging and blogging is something I really wanted to do. I guess you can see from my ramble above that I love it but my struggle comes from point 3 on my wish list… I think too much. I don’t know if perfectionist is the right word (maybe it is considering that I have just spent my morning editing a post that I published last night!!!) but I guess I going forward in 2017 I should have one overriding motto – in the words of Nike, Just Do It!

I am sorry I have gone off on one. I haven’t stuck to just creating a wish list or been very concise. Just shows where my head is at. Thank you for sticking with me though. See you again later. Bx

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