Topshop Autumn Ankle Boots

I found a new pair of ankle boots for the Autumn season from Topshop. They are these eye catching suede effect stunners with gold stud toes.

Topshop Ankle Boots

The low heel is covered with a gold coloured mirror effect and I thought they would really set of the two dresses from my recent Primark haul. I have been wearing them with basic black tights but I think they would also look great with a pair of ripped knee jeans.

I was hoping to get the brown boots featured in my recent post but I haven’t found them in store yet to try on. I’m also hoping to get a tripod for my birthday this month so I can take some pictures of my Mummy OOTD. Please let me know if this is something you would like to see.  For more Blogtober posts, please click on the link. Bx

4 thoughts on “Topshop Autumn Ankle Boots

  1. Those boots are certainly verrry cute. Looks good for casual, weekend wear. That checkered shirt looks lovely too, and it matches the colour of autumn 🙂 So exciting. Hope you do get a tripod at some point. I’ve been meaning to get one myself but the one I want costs a lot. So I recently bought a GorillaPod – one of those bendy tripod things – for much less and I just prop it up on walls and shelves when I take my photos. The downside is that it’s short but it has an adjustable head and works well for me 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mabel. I will definitely have a look in to the GorillaPod. Sounds useful.
      I just love the boots and really hope they are comfy. I have bought boots from Topshop before and loved them but my mum nicked them! xx

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