What I Ate Wednesday 01.07.15

I’m still trying to remember to film, take my camera out and take photos for What I Ate Wednesday so please excuse the poor quality of some of the things I have captured today.



Apologies, this is the same breakfast as I had last week and I couldn’t take a nice picture again!! I will get better at this, I promise! It was a Tesco version of the Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel today with Philadelphia cream cheese and fresh blueberries also from Tesco. I like their Atlantic blueberries as they are consistently nice.


Korean style chicken

My friend made a Korean style chicken dish today, which is similar to Khao Mun Gai. It is boiled chicken with garlic and ginger and served with a sticky egg rice, broccoli and pickled radish. My friend told me that in Korea the chicken is eaten first with vegetables and the rice is eaten afterwards.


Bacon Avocado Salad

I had a fairly healthy dinner apart from the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and crispy bacon. The avocado, boiled egg and bistro leaves with beetroot were the less naughty part of this dinner. With the heatwave were are currently experiencing, I didn’t fancy anything too heavy.


Sausage Roll

I was so hungry before lunch so I had a large sausage roll from the local bakery. I really should be eating well as I am going on holiday this month and will need to wear a swim suit. Argh!!

Please let me know if you enjoyed today’s What I Ate Wednesday. For more like this click on the link: My Monday Meals and then check out my YouTube video. Bx

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday 01.07.15

  1. The avocado dish looks amazing. So green, so fresh. I love sausage rolls…I could eat them every day for a morning or afternoon snack 😀 But I don’t and the last time I ate them was last year 😀 Love the vlog again, Beth. Hope next time round the camera’s all charged up ❤

    1. It’s all charged up and a new vlog is ready to go tonight! I love avocado too but I can only eat it in salads. My mum can eat it on it’s own but I need something to go with it. I might try it on toast as that seems to be popular. Bx

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