My Last My Monday Meals

It has been so long since my last My Monday Meals post and this is actually going to be my last… Well, kind of. I am going to continue with this type of post but under the new name of ‘What I Ate Wednesday’.

What I Ate Wednesday

So if it ain’t broke, why am I fixing it? Well, basically, I will be filming and taking pictures of what I have eaten on a Monday to upload to my YouTube channel and adding it to my weekly blog post but I need a couple of days to edit. I will just post and upload on a Wednesday instead under the name that quite a few other bloggers and vloggers, like Anna Saccone Joly, use, ‘What I Ate Wednesday’.

So stay tuned Mabel 😉 and everyone else who likes these posts. Let me know what you think of the new/old ‘What I Ate… Today’. Bx

One thought on “My Last My Monday Meals

  1. Love the new title. I am very eager to see what yummy food you will be eating. What a cool way to tie it in with your vlogs. I must check them out when I get internet. Flattered I got a tiny mention at the end of the post 😉

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