Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

Hi again! I hope you’re well. Here is my bump at 32 week pregnant.

32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Side

32 Weeks Front

I am: 32 weeks pregnant.
I’m wearing: A H&M long-sleeved maternity T-Shirt with my Leigh Topshop jeans in Pansy Vintage. I was given the top by my friend and I wear these super comfy maternity jeans on cooler days. Luckily the weather hasn’t been too bad recently so I’ve been able to wear dresses and cropped trousers.
I weigh: 141lbs/64kg
I’ve gained: I haven’t gained any weight this week. That’s not down to exercising as I have only been fairly active recently. Andy has commented a couple of times that I look like I’m struggling to walk. I think it’s movement in general that I’m having difficulty with. Getting up and down, rolling over in bed and if I’m sitting down for too long. I had really bad lower back pain after sitting in the car for an hour yesterday.
How I’m feeling: Very easily tired. Not enough to nap though. I’m also feeling it a lot in my joints but hopefully vitamins and a good diet will help relieve any aches and pains I’m feeling.
Highlight: We had a great time at a friend’s BBQ party yesterday. Everyone kept commenting on how wonderful Annabelle was and how she was the star of the show! She had a fantastic time and her batteries didn’t run out until 9pm. She still woke up at 6.30am today. I think that’s her default setting 😉
The baby is: the size of a jicama, which is a Mexican yam or turnip. Part of me can’t wait until I’m not pregnant anymore and baby is with us but the other part is not looking forward to the night feeds and tiredness of having two little ones. It is still moving pretty much all day and all night and I woke up about two nights ago and it was sticking its foot out near my belly button. Thanks baby!
Food cravings: No specific cravings this week. We had some really good popadoms with lime pickle, berry pavlova and beef chilli con carne at the BBQ party yesterday but other than that I’m just happy eating small portions every few hours.
Symptoms: I get breathless from walking around and tired easily but then I can’t stay seated for too long either. I need pillows for back support when I’m on a sofa or chair and to prop up my bump during the night.
My body: I forgot to mention last week that I’ve now got the dark vertical line down my belly. I think it’s called Linea nigra and it appeared earlier on in my last pregnancy and was much darker then too.
Any mood swings? Not this week, I’ve been quite happy.
I’m looking forward to: A busy week! Belle has got nursery on three days and a swimming lesson on another so it’ll be jam packed.

Thanks for reading and please click on the link for my previous pregnancy posts. Bx

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