Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Another week has flown by and I’m now 31 weeks pregnant with bump no.2. Here is how I was looking:

31 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks Side

31 Weeks Front

I am: 31 weeks pregnant.
I’m wearing: A navy striped ASOS maternity dress. I put on my Leigh Topshop maternity jeans in Pansy Vintage on for the photos but I wasn’t wearing them today as it was quite warm.
I weigh: 141lbs/64kg
I’ve gained: I have lost 2lbs/1kg since last week. I didn’t think that I had been particularly active and my Fitbit isn’t showing that much more activity even though I did things like walk around town for about 3 hours on Sunday. My stats were lower than Andy’s too. The only reason I can think of was that my arms weren’t moving when I pushed the buggy.
How I’m feeling: Achy 😦 If I have over exerted myself, I can definitely feel it in my back and a little bit in my knees too. I guess I should take it easy next week.
Highlight: Seeing my ‘mummy’ friends after nearly a month of galavanting around the country! It was nice to reestablish a routine and sense of normality. Although saying that, our ‘not so little ones’ are all starting nursery so it will be strange to have the limbo period where I have a bump and ‘no one’ to look after during Belle’s nursery hours.
The baby is: having a growth spurt this week and plumping out. It is definitely a strong baby. Very active and I can feel it moving nearly all day. My bump changes shape a lot and it likes to sit to one side if it stays still.
Food cravings: Chocolate! Oh and crisps. I seem to have a taste for Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons dessert with fresh raspberries. I crave salt and vinegar flavour Pringles and I’ve started having a New York Cinnamon and Raisin bagel with cream cheese every morning for breakfast instead of porridge.
Symptoms: Still breathless from movement in the sense that I get uncomfortable, it affects my normal breathing and then I’m ok after I sit down to compose myself. A lot of trips to bathroom whenever baby moves into a bad position.
My body: The bump feels huge. I’m also noticing stretch marks around my belly button. I’m hoping they will fade… really soon.
Any mood swings? Not so much this week.
I’m looking forward to: Buying a new car seat for Belle as baby will need her Familyfix base.

You can see my bump in my previous posts by clicking on the link. Bx

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