Pregnancy Update: 21 weeks

21 weeks! The second trimester is going well.

21 Weeks

My belly button has popped out!

21 Weeks Side

…and it’s my Wedding Anniversary today!

21 Weeks Front

I am: at the end of week 21
I weigh: 130lbs/59kg
I’ve gained: No change from last week so still 2lbs (1kg) less than my pre-pregnancy weight (I lost 13lb/6kg when I suffered with Hyperemesis gravidarum, which is really bad morning sickness, in my first trimester).
I’m wearing: I’m wearing maternity jeans. They are the Leigh jeans from Topshop in Pansy Vintage. I love the comfy waistband and the fabric is super soft. My shirt is from Oasis and I bought it last Autumn/Winter. It isn’t maternity but it is still a good length.
How I’m feeling: I’m feeling really big this week. Andy thinks I’ve bloomed and says he can’t believe that I’m still going to get bigger. From now on the weight should increase quite progressively as baby will be growing and getting fat. I just love a lil chubby baby with their plump cheeks (can you tell I’m excited?)
Highlight: I’ve bought a few things to prepare for baby’s arrival. I’ll do a post on this soon. It includes a new baby monitor as our last one doesn’t hold it’s charge anymore or beeps randomly and a few essential bits and pieces. Some of it just cutesy really like a soft toy that Annabelle chose.
The baby is: Growing eyelashes and eyebrows. Although saying that, you could barely see Annabelle’s when she was born. They were so fair that it didn’t look like she had any! Andy has finally managed to get baby to respond. It normally has a good old wriggle for most of the day but goes still whenever Andy talks to it but it started kicking away and having a ball.
Food cravings: I still really love porridge. In my last pregnancy update I mentioned that I have been enjoying the banana and strawberry flavour Quaker Heaps of Fruit. I actually prefer it to the apple and blackberry. This is really unusual for me as I don’t like banana flavoured foods or drinks. I’m also craving coffee and hotdogs with American mustard.
Symptoms: I’m not as tired this week and my gums have stopped bleeding when I brush my teeth. Yaay! Feeling big and uncomfortable (not so yaay!). My friend is very kindly lending me a pregnancy pillow to help me sleep. It is a Dreamgenii which can also be used for feeding.
My body: Because my bump has grown quite a bit my belly button has popped out, like last time. I’ve also had ladies in shops noticing my stomach and commenting on their bump envy. It is quite funny that pregnancy and babies seem to be an open invitation for strangers to talk to you on the street and in shops. I remember going to Westfield in London with Annabelle last summer and not being able to go into a shop without someone talking about how lovely Annabelle was (she was so smiley then but is a bit more shy and cautious now). Not that I don’t enjoy talking about my daughter of course.
Any mood swings? A pretty uneventful mood week.
I’m looking forward to: My wedding anniversary and going to lunch with a lot of my cousins.

Have you seen my Gender Reveal video and did you guess correctly? Let me know in the comments below and click here to read my earlier pregnancy posts.  Bx

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