Pregnancy Update: 20 weeks

Officially half way through my pregnancy. Wow, that seems to have flown by.

20 Weeks Covered

20 week baby bump.

20 Weeks Front

20 Weeks Side

I am: at the end of week 20
I weigh: 130lbs/59kg
I’ve gained: Again another 2lbs/1kg since last week so only 2lbs (1kg) less than my pre-pregnancy weight (I lost 13lb/6kg when I suffered with Hyperemesis gravidarum, which is really bad morning sickness, in my first trimester).
I’m wearing: I’m also wearing non-maternity clothes today, same as last week. The jean shorts are from River Island a few years ago and are a size 10 but they fit quite tightly below the bump. I wore them into town and struggled by the end of the afternoon. My shirt dress is also from River Island and I also bought it a few years ago.
How I’m feeling: Excited. I think because I can feel the baby wriggle a lot throughout the day that it is a happy little reminder that I’m pregnant and going to have another baby. Before, I didn’t feel much except pregnancy related symptoms which weren’t very pleasant.
Highlight: Sorting through all the baby clothes. It was really nice to see how small newborn baby clothes are and to look at Annabelle’s old outfits and reminisce about her wearing them. For those of you who don’t know, if I have a boy then my friend and I can swap clothes but if I have a girl then we are already sorted for nearly everything. I’m hoping to create my ‘gender reveal’ tomorrow which I will share during the week. I was supposed to do that this week but I was too busy galavanting. Sorry.
The baby is: About the size of a banana and weighs about 10 ounces. It seems to respond best to Annabelle who talks to it a lot throughout the day and gives it kisses. I think she will be a good big sister and help me to take care of it as she is a very attentive and caring little girl.
Food cravings: I have been enjoying porridge this week. In My Monday Meals post I mentioned that I had Special K porridge which tasted nice but the portions were miniscule. I bought Quaker Heaps of Fruit porridge instead and have been loving this every morning. I wasn’t sure if I would like the banana flavour but it is actually really nice. I’ve got a taste for coffee (mostly decaf) and bubble tea.
Symptoms: I’m still feeling tired this week but Annabelle hasn’t been sleeping well. I think it is the heat. She either wakes in the night or she comes into wake me up between 5 and 6.30am and she is super loud from the second she opens her eyes! I didn’t notice bleeding gums in my last pregnancy but I have definitely been experiencing it this time around. Not fun.
My body: The bump is still feeling firm and as if it is pushing up into my ribs. It feels so high up and I am uncomfortable sitting in some chairs and when lying down. I have been using normal pillows to help get more comfy but I’m tempted to buy a pregnancy pillow. Does anyone recommend them?
Any mood swings? I’ve been a bit moody this week. I think because of the tiredness.
I’m looking forward to: Trying to relax a bit more this week and take it easy. I was too much of a social butterfly last week and went out everyday, swimming, to soft play, a birthday BBQ and into town shopping and to meet friends.

Have you guessed whether I’m having a boy or a girl yet? I’ll definitely let you know this week. Click here to read my 19 week pregnancy update here or any of my earlier pregnancy posts.  Bx

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