Pregnancy Update: 15 weeks

Gosh, this month has been flying by and I am now at the end of 15 weeks of pregnancy. I’ve been a bit more tired this week and had to nap during the day but I think last weekend is still catching up on Annabelle and I as she has been napping almost everyday (she normally naps every two days). My bump is more noticeable, well to friends and family anyway, strangers may just think I’ve eaten too many pies at lunch! What do you think? Do I look bigger? (It might not help that I’m wearing black today!)

15 weeks pregnant

Sorry for our overloaded wash basket in the background!

15 weeks pregnant

From the front.

15 weeks pregnant

I am: at the end of week 15
I weigh: 123lbs/ 56kg
I’ve gained: I am 2lbs/1kg heavier than last week. This means I am now only 9lbs (4kg) less than my pre-pregnancy weight (I lost 13lb/6kg as I was suffered with Hyperemesis gravidarum, which is really bad morning sickness).
I’m wearing: No maternity clothes yet! I keep seeing so many pretty clothes in Oasis that I really like but cannot buy as I won’t be able to wear them soon.
How I’m feeling: I feel relatively normal in terms of health and mood. I do have a strong desire to splurge on treats for myself, Annabelle and the baby but I’m trying to be as sensible as possible. When I was pregnant last time, I don’t think I bought a single thing for Annabelle until at least five months pregnant and even then I bought as little as possible. This meant that we had to do a large and expensive shop after the birth as we didn’t have enough clothes for Annabelle or myself and we needed monitors, extra bedding and sheets (a newborn laundry load is crazy!).
Highlight:  The scan! On Tuesday we had a 15 week scan as baby was in the wrong position last time. This was my third with this baby and it is always so amazing to experience. This little one is a fidget just like its big sister (and dad). We saw all its fingers and it rolled about a lot but luckily the sonographer was fast and took all the snapshots she needed for the measurements.
The baby is: The size of an apple apparently. It’s hard to believe that it is that small as it looks so big in the scan but considering the size of my tummy, I do wonder how it fits in with all my organs etc! I know I’m not supposed to feel it moving yet as it’s not strong enough but I do wonder every now and again if I can feel the baby already.
Food cravings: Definitely still enjoying ham sandwiches this week. I had a really yummy one with cheese at a picnic in the park on Tuesday. I’ve also had a taste for satsumas, red apples and fizzy raspberry flavoured jelly ribbons and red liquorice.
Symptoms: Nothing particularly noticeable this week. A bit of tiredness, as I mentioned earlier and I guess a bit emotional at sad stories I’ve heard or read.
My body: In my last pregnancy, I used to spill food and drinks on my bump and lack a bit of coordination too when moving around as I would often forget about the bump or to accommodate it. I’ve noticed that this is beginning to happen again, even though it is still pretty small. I also find that I’ll plan to do something active, like walk into town and back with Annabelle in the buggy but I get pretty tired in doing so and need to overcome the urge to get a bus or taxi back.
Any mood swings? Not really. Pretty normal on this front this week.
I’m looking forward to: Another busy week ahead starting with a midwife appointment. I think I was 11 weeks pregnant at my last one. I love a good catch up with the midwife.

Are you enjoying my pregnancy updates? Please let me know if you are and check out what my bump looked like at 14 weeks pregnant or my earlier pregnancy posts. Bx

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