Coming Soon: My Pregnancy Updates

One thing I always wanted to do after I had my daughter Annabelle was to create a blog with updates on her growth and progress. My motivation for this was to give her something to look back on when she is older, as a diary of sorts. As I didn’t have a website then, I created monthly photos throughout her first year, most of which I uploaded to Facebook. I have shared a few with you below:


I always regretted not creating a blog earlier to write a little bit about each month as it was a truly life-changing and precious time and because I didn’t, I knew that I would have to start now with pregnancy updates and continue with monthly updates once baby no.2 is here. I know my blog was intended to be about food (and craft… but I haven’t really written much about this!) and I apologise in advance to those who aren’t interested in my bump but when I read other blog’s, for example Autumn Reeser’s, these are the articles that I enjoy most.

Stay tuned for my 12 week Pregnancy Update! I hope you will find them interesting. Oh and Happy Easter to you all too!


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