Current Favourites

I wanted to share a couple of things that I am enjoying at the moment because recently, I have found it difficult to find the right items to buy, for example, I’ve been looking for Spring clothing but I am only finding anything I like from Hush.


So for this reason, I thought it might be helpful to let you know what I am loving in the hope that it will save you some internet browsing time and that you might also share with me some of your current favourites.

My Favourites
Shirt: I love this floaty short sleeved shirt from Hush. Perfect to dress up with a black skirt and ankle boots or go casual with jeans and white trainers.

Television: Baptiste. I found this pretty dark, especially the beginning of the first episode so I had to be in the mood to watch this but I have loved Julien Baptiste’s character from the moment I watched The Missing (it’s one of the few programmes I’ve watched that kind of haunts me and I still think about every now and then).

Books: Still Me by JoJo Moyes. The sequels to Me Before You aren’t as good and it did take me a little while to get in to this one but it is my favourite book of 2019 so far. I have read 6 books this year – although one of them I don’t technically count as it was a short story!

Cleaning: This is going to sound really boring but I’m loving the Method cleaning spray in pomelo. I use it to clean the kitchen surfaces but initially, I bought it to clean my food waste caddy. It smells AMAZING! I also have the bathroom spray which is nice and minty scented 😉

Makeup: I’m a big fan of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked palette. I use this every time I put on my makeup. It’s probably one of my favourite items of makeup ever and perfect for travelling light.

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