Gift List for my 5 Year Old – Blogmas Day 19

For Christmas this year, Annabelle, my 5 year old daughter has not requested many gifts. The only thing she has asked for is a Cinderella carriage (below), which my mother-in-law is buying for her.


I have therefore had to think of a few things Annabelle has asked for in the past and see if she is still interested in them.


Annabelle loves Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir after watching them on the television in Turkey during the Summer holidays. These action figures are £35 for both and perfect for her to play with on their own or with her Disney Princess Dolls.

She is still interested in Frozen and all things Elsa and Anna, so I thought these Snap Ins would be great for role-play games. She enjoys toys with dinky little parts that develop her fine motor skills like Lego especially if it is for suitable for 5 year olds. Thankfully, Heath is now old enough not to put the pieces in his mouth!

Andy and I have a lot of fun playing games at the weekend with Annabelle and wanted a present to help her speech and language. She was seeing a therapist to help slow her talking down and to encourage clearer pronunciation. A game I thought would be great to compliment this is Guess Who? I loved playing this as a child and it is the perfect game to play over the Christmas holidays.

Finally, Annabelle always needs to have a bit of quiet time throughout the day to exercise her creative and crafty bones. She loves Crayola Colour Wonder and hasn’t yet done the Disney Princess Mess Free Colouring Book.

Tomorrow, I will post my Gift Ideas for Heath, my 2 year old son. Let me know what your 5 year old would like for Christmas this year in the comments below. Bx

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