10 Sleeps til Santa – Blogmas Day 15

I’m really sorry but I am going to have to make this a really short post today as I am falling asleep. There are yawn tears in my eyes and I have to admit that I would like my holiday to start already. I am struggling to fight off a cold so I am going to wrap up warm and snuggle in to my fluffy dressing gown.

Tomorrow, I would like to stay at home and watch a movie with the kids but we have one more day at school. I am looking forward to the school run as we will be singing, ‘Sleeps til Santa’. It is our tradition this year. We have changed the lyrics slightly from ‘drinks your beer’ to milk and we often forget most of the lines but that’s OK. We have 9 more chances to get it right!

I hope you are feeling well and that you’re not under the weather. It seems like so many bugs are going round at the moment and lots of chicken pox too. If I get the chance tomorrow, I will write a bit more to make this post interesting. Til then, have a good evening. Bx

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