The tradition continues…

Every year I always post on my Daddy’s birthday and it is a tradition that I will continue for as long as I can.


I obviously miss my Dad throughout the year but December is always a difficult month for me as not only is it another birthday spent without him but it is another Christmas too.

Christmas never really used to be magical for me as an adult. I always thought it was a lot of hype and a bad excuse to spend money on presents you or the receiver feel obliged to give and never really like but Andy has always loved it and his enthusiasm is really infectious. Now that we have children together, we feel the excitement that they feel and it is lovely to see them with their Grandparents and how much fun and laughter we have.

Of course I am sad that the children won’t experience Christmas with my Dad. I can imagine what he would like. I can picture his face watching Annabelle opening the presents. His laughter booming around the room as Heath clowns around. His eyes lit up with joy. He also would of chosen a pretty big and traditional card too. One of those really cheesy snowy landscapes with a house and snowman! My Dad was a man of habit 😉

I hope you have a lovely Christmas if I don’t write between now and then. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog. Lots of love to you and your loved ones. Bx

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