Heath: An Update

Heath is now 10 months old. I think the last update on this blog was for 7 months… Oops, bad Mummy! The reason for my absence in this department is because I have been so busy and haven’t managed to find the time to take proper monthly pictures. I am just snapping away on my phone camera most of the time. But enough of the excuses, I’ll just try to make more of an effort going forward.

He has changed so much in the last few months. He is crawling properly now. The commando crawl went rather suddenly. It was almost as if he had a moment of realisation and that was that! But unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. He can crawl/climb up the stairs and on to the sofa.

His physical activity has now developed to pulling himself up using a sofa or wall and cruising around on his feet. He can open cupboards while standing and will then proceed to empty the contents on to the floor. Bah! This means that in the morning, before the nursery run, he will no longer whinge as I try to get the three of us ready to leave. Instead, Heath will raid the kitchen cabinets, the craft cupboard and pull out all the DVDs.

Vocally, Heath is also doing well. Three things he says a lot includes, ‘Hiya’, ‘Mum mum’ (meaning food or milk) and ‘Yai Yai’ (my mum). He gives kisses if asked and generally understands basic commands.

Play time is where I have seen a noticeable improvement. He will entertain himself while I do chores by pushing cars along the floor and making the associated ‘Vrooming’ sounds. He likes to hold props against his ear and says ‘Hi’ or ‘Yai Yai’ (I guess I must talk to my mum on the phone a lot!).

I am so glad that his sleep routine is much better now. At night, I will put him down at about 7pm and he will sleep through until nearly 7am. During the day, he will nap twice. The first nap is usually about 10am and in the afternoon he will sleep at about 3pm. Both times he will sleep for approximately one hour.

Heath eats well during the day. This is what a typical day looks like:
7am: I will make a 7oz bottle of baby milk (not follow on milk) and use 3oz for his baby porridge and he will drink the remaining 4oz from the bottle. I add fresh fruit to his porridge e.g. berries, banana or steamed apple
10am: Snack e.g. rice cakes, fruit, yoghurt. He loves nectarine and can eat it as is so I don’t have to cut it or remove the pip until he has sucked out most of the flesh
12pm: Lunch
2.30pm: Snack (similar to before) and up to 7oz of baby milk
5.15pm: Dinner
7pm: Bottle (I tend to make between 4-6oz depending on how much he has eaten during the day)

Finally, Heath now has four teeth. The bottom two came through at 9 months and the top two have been pushing through for the last few weeks. They are so cute and I think they make him look less like a baby. What do you think?

Thank you for reading Heath’s baby update. I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for his 11 month post. Bx

2 thoughts on “Heath: An Update

  1. Very nice to hear Heath is growing up. It sounds like it’s all going by very quick, and he is growing into a kid who knows what he wants…it really does sound like he enjoys play time. Pulling out stuff and throwing them all around – it must be annoying to tidy up but at least you know little Heath certainly has strength within him 😉

    1. He is a very determined little boy. I am constantly amazed at how fast he is learning and changing. I don’t mind picking up after him as long as he’s not whinging! xx

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