What I Ate Wednesday 29.07.15

I’ve had a major fail for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday as I took one picture of today’s meals! I remembered to film…just, but all I have is this picture of breakfast. To make it up to you, I will do my best to describe what I had and I will talk to you about my diet and weight goals.



This is the last time I will have this breakfast, I promise! It was a New York Co Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel with Philadelphia cream cheese. No blueberries though as we ran out. I also had my usual Nespresso coffee with hot Alpro soya milk.


I had a Ploughman’s lunch at the Carpenter’s Arms near Chew Valley Lake. I asked for a ham and Cheddar cheese mix as they normally have them separately. It was served with a pickled onion, salad, pickle, Granary bread, apple and tomato. It was very delicious. Oh, it also came with butter but I didn’t eat that as I only put butter or margarine on bread if I’m having jam or marmalade.


I didn’t fancy anything too heavy as I had quite a big lunch. It was grilled peppered steak in a white tortilla wrap with a level dessert spoon of mayonnaise, rocket, watercress, spinach and tomato.


I had a flat white coffee from Salt and Malt (what a brilliant name for a fish and chip shop!) at Chew Valley Lake while I was watching Annabelle play in the playground and carrying Heath in the sling. I resisted the mouthwatering chocolate cake that was staring at me while I was in the queue. It took A LOT of willpower.

My Diet Plans

So, as I mentioned earlier, I am planning on eating well to lose my mum tum. I’m not doing anything drastic as I don’t need to lose too much weight, I just need to tone and streamline. I’ve mentioned before that my stomach muscles separated during pregnancy and my physio has recommended gentle exercises like swimming and body balance to complement a well balanced diet. She did mention that if I did body balance that I would have to make sure the instructor could teach me alternative exercises to do while everyone else did the stomach crunches. Andy would like us to go to the gym together so we are looking into signing up to one this week.

Last week I weighed: 56.8kg/125.2lbs
Today I weigh: 56.6kg/124.8lbs

I’ve changed the types of snacks that I’m eating too and I really like almond butter on a lightly salted rice cake. I’m trying to have fruit instead of biscuits and apple crisps instead of Kettle chips or Pringles. I’m also making healthier choices when I eat out. It was really tough not to have the Aberdeen Angus burger with Stilton and to go for the Ploughman’s (and not eat all the cheese!).

Please let me know if you enjoyed today’s What I Ate Wednesday. If you would like me to show pictures my mum tum progress than let me know. I can take a before and progressional to after shots. I was also thinking doing a What I Ate Week so let me know if that interests you. For more like this click on the link: My Monday Meals but check out my YouTube video before you go. Bx

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